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SmashMouth 09-08-2010 12:19 AM

Five questions about the Minnesota Vikings/New Orleans Saints match-up...fighting words?
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Who Dat Nation, we are only a little over one day away from the season opener of the 2010 NFL season. And unlike a few years ago when the New Orleans Saints were facing the defending champions; this time they are the defending Super Bowl champions.

A rematch of last year's NFC Championship Game will see the Minnesota Vikings come into town to face the Saints on the night when the Super Bowl banner will be unveiled in the Superdome. Memories of the Tracy Porter interception, the Adrian Peterson fumbles, and the winning kick sailing through the uprights off of the foot of Garrett Hartley will all come flooding back. Still, this is a new season and a new game that needs to be won.

A lot will be the same, including the Vikings' quarterback, but things are going to start on an even playing field and at 0-0.

Minnesota Vikings Examiner Joe Oberle and myself traded questions with one another so that we can give our opinions on things to come for the big game and throughout the season. Below you will see his answers to my questions and you can check out my answers to his by clicking on the links in this article.

In case you hadn't guessed, I don't think that Joe is really caught up in the fact that the Saints are Super Bowl champions, but that they are just another team ready to get sucked in by the Super Bowl winner hangover we have seen in past years. Make sure you visit his page and let him know what the Who Dat Nation has to say, but first let's check out what he has to say.

Danny Cox: Do you believe that the hits made by Gregg Williams' instructed defense on Brett Favre were "dirty" and intended to injure the quarterback?

Joe Oberle: Hmmmm, the most talked about subject since the NFC Championship game (NFCCG). Dirty? What's dirty in a game where at the bottom of a pile scrambling for a loose ball, players often grab a few but don't necessarily come up with the football.

Here's what I believe:

The Saints defense was instructed by their coach to get to the quarterback and hit him as hard as they can. If they take a penalty, so be it. It will make the quarterback think twice about hanging onto the ball next time. That's football (as Favre has stated). I am sure it happens in every locker room.

If they can knock him out of the game, all the better, the Saints figured, because they knew Favre was the Vikings offense's greatest asset. Now to get someone out of the game you usually have to injure them. And to get Favre out of a game, you generally have to knock him unconscious, because he is a gamer. Was there intent to injure? It was pretty brutal. But only the Saints know for sure.

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homerj07 09-08-2010 08:26 AM

At least this guy seems to have some basis in reality.

That being said - he is insane if he thinks Favre & Chilly Willy are going to endure very well.

pumpkindriver 09-08-2010 07:53 PM

Great Read! Theres no doubt that if the minny offensive doesn't protect farve, hs gonna go into week 2 black and blue.

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