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Binx 10-23-2002 12:29 AM

general gripes and opinions...
1. If everybody was so down on the 'experts' back when they were denigrating the saints, why is everyone so excited now that they are praising them -- though that carucci guy seems to be saying that the saints have been lucky, an opinion that can only come from reading the stats without seeing the games., which someone complained about here last week, is so bad that last week, besides reporting that brooks was still looking for a new contract, they had the saints ranked second in the nfc south...

3. i got a peek recently at the hall of fame site, where in the list of the origins of team names, they report hjow the saints got their name because they were awarded the franchise on nov. 1 et cetera. Problem is, they were awarded the franchise on that date because they were already the New Orleans Saints... In fact, Dave
Dickson gave that name in 1962, when he promoted an AFL game at city park stadium between the Patriots and the Oilers in an effort to get an AFL franchise for the city. At that game, fans were invited to fill out "promise cards" pledging to buy season tickets. They passed out pencils so people could fill the cards out. The cards AND the pencils were all marked "When the Saints go marching in..." I know, because my friend Frank and I filled out a couple of dozens of the,....

4. oh, Atlanta. While I see the Saints tripping over the Falcons in Atlanta -- and possibly the Ravens and even the Bengals --- that won't be the case this weekend. We are just too good right now...

JOESAM2002 10-23-2002 12:57 AM

general gripes and opinions...
Well Binks, I think that you might be right. Yes we gripe and complain about no respect from the so called \" experts\" and yes we do get excited about them finally praising them. I think that\'s what fans are for, to support the team anyway we can. These people may never know that we gripe and complain but if you read the article at, you\'ll see that sometime they do. And sometime it helps. All i think we want for our team is the respect we think they deserve. It\'s up to us the fans to help any way we think we can. So snarl and gripe away. You never know who might be reading it. GO SAINTS! :D

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daviddrake2 10-23-2002 10:45 AM

general gripes and opinions...
I agree wholeheartedly. I know from living most of my life in the Crescent City before moving to another sometime-NFL city, Houston about a decade ago that the SAINTS get little or no respect anywhere else but at home. It has been a bitter pill for most of the so-called analysts to swallow that they now have to actually give the SAINTS some due.

Carucci may have all kinds of writing awards, but he doesn\'t really know what\'s happening around the leauge. Especially in New Orleans. yeah, he did finally move the SAINTS up to # 3 in HIS power rankings this week, but they have been relageted to #7 and below for the past few weeks. He still seems to think that the SAINTS are only winning on flukes. Has he ever watched the SAINTS play???

This is not to say that it is easy for anyone more than a hundred miles or so from N.O to see a game. In most markets, the only time you can watch the SAINTS is if it happens to be one of couple of weeks per years that they are playing another team that the networks feel is a big enough draw to warrant national coverage. And then, each city can stil choose another regional game to show in its place if they wish.

Worse yet, sometimes we get no football at all. Hell, two weeks ago when the TEXANs had a 3:00 game, the local Fox affilaite in Houston decided that infomercials, reruns and B-movies were what the fans would rather watch than football. I know there are tens of thousands of fans that would have much preferred watching the SAINTS get their 5th win.

It\'s this kind of disrespect that has gone on for too long. Hopefully a fantastic season that breaks all of the records will help set the rest of the country straight about the SAINTS. They are a force to be reconded with, and with any luck, the networks will be carrying SAINTS with much more regularity as the season progresses.

That\'s enough for now. But please keep up the pro-SAINTS talk and take every opportunity you get to call in to national sports radio programs, write to sports columnists and e-mail your opinions to all of those wayward analysts. Let them know that even if they don\'t realize it yet, the SAINTS are the team to beat in the NFL!

David in Houston

Binx 10-23-2002 10:06 PM

general gripes and opinions...
woodrow\'s -- aka big woody\'s -- on chimney rock near richmond has the saints on the second floor....

hey, we had the packers and 59 minutes 50 seconds of the niners in houston....

SaintStoneyMount 10-24-2002 08:40 PM

general gripes and opinions...
I don\'t think we are praising the so called experts but instead we are drawing attention to the bandwagon effect. It\'s cool to note how all these guys who are supposed to know football totally missed the call for the Saints this season. Then it takes them to week seven to finally own up to the fact that they overlooked this team. Now to save face every week someones gonna be the team to knock us off. It\'s funny that\'s all. Like I said before, they all praised the Patriots after they won the bowl. The week before the Rams ruled the world.

On another note we got a lot more people posting to this board lately. Hmmm...I wonder why.

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