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Hartley! C'mon man!

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by Armyofderek I'm convinced he's taunting Vikings fans. hehe, really?...

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Originally Posted by Armyofderek View Post
I'm convinced he's taunting Vikings fans.
hehe, really?
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Objective post....
They won. Hartley took the night off from work. CANNOT have that happen again. I am sure Sp.Teams Coach per Coach Sean will have Hartley kicing balls short, long, until it hurts! Offense has to tighten up. Defense won the game for the team.
A W is a W.
Good to win against MV to reinforce that the NFC champs game for the Saints win fair and square.
Vikings, yeah, Farve made it through, but,um,he only has a season to go and no teams are going to take pity on him.
Vikings can blame olemanFarve for thislost because the Saints off did not play their best. Also,Farve just joined the team a few weeks ago.No practice ,etc.during summer.Camp.
Now, he is off to be at his grandchild's Christening.
He needs to retire again and mean it.

It was not pretty, but it was a w. They cannot do this during the season and get a w everytime. This game could have been a Vikings w. The Vikings were not out of range.
Ok, we fans will take that.
Off to watch NFL Total Access.
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Originally Posted by Armyofderek View Post
I'm convinced he's taunting Vikings fans.
Hey Armyofderek It was nice having you here, take care. LOL Good Luck the rest of the season.
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If Hartley's gonna choke, I prefer it be a night like tonight where it doesn't hurt us. Kid missed as many kicks tonight as he has his entire career.

He will rebound and be back. He's got too much talent and Payton too good of a coach to let this hurt long term.
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Originally Posted by rfenasci View Post
He shanked two, didn't he??

He hooked two fg's.
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What the F Garrett.... can't be missing field goals like that, especially in big spots. Does that sound like "what have you done for me lately"? Perhaps, but come on man, gotta make easy field goals.
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I'm not sure what was going on there. Maybe it was nerves. Whatever the reason, that CANNOT happen again.

He should not have missed those field goals. Get it together, Garrett!

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Originally Posted by breesfan27 View Post
...Get it together, Garrett!
You ain't kidding. I'm thinking about buying one of his jerseys! LOL
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New Holder.
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I think it's more too it than we're seeing, held wrong maybe? Both missed waaaaay left.
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