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rich006 10-21-2003 07:58 AM

slightly off-topic: no more TMQ
Don't bother looking for Tuesday Morning Quarterback on ESPN's web site today. Gregg Easterbrook has been fired for something he wrote elsewhere (not on ESPN's site) that ESPN thought was anti-Semitic. has an article that includes a link to Easterbrook's alleged anti-Semitic article. I have read the article and I didn't think it was anti-Semitic at all. You can form your own opinion.

I think ESPN is guilty of cowardice in this case. In the wake of the Rush Limbaugh firing, it's clear ESPN is taking political correctness to a new low. :(

saintfan 10-21-2003 09:01 AM

slightly off-topic: no more TMQ
I no longer have any reason to visit their web site. TMQ was the only creative thing there.

By the way, Rush was right about McNabb. Ain\'t that just hilarious? LOL

rich006 10-21-2003 09:51 AM

slightly off-topic: no more TMQ
Rush is right about a lot of things (he\'s also wrong about a lot of things). I don\'t think he was right about McNabb. I think McNabb has led his team pretty well for a few years now, and the last few games don\'t change that. I\'m not ready to say McNabb is overrated yet even though he\'s obviously struggling lately. Remember the game last year where he led his team to victory after suffering a broken ankle in the first quarter? I know it was against the Cardinals, but even so, it was a McNair-like effort (that\'s McNair of the Titans). The guy has heart and talent.

Come to think of it, McNabb really hasn\'t played well since that injury. He came back in the playoffs last year and didn\'t play well there, and has started slow this year. I expect he just needs some success to get his confidence back. A game against the Falcons would help. :)

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