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tweeky 10-22-2003 12:38 PM

This ticks me off, Bucs suffer major blow?
Wow, Tampa loses ONE of their CB's for the season and the press calls it a MAJOR blow for their struggling defense. "Devastating"

The Saints lose 1/2 their ficking starters on defense and we heard "thats no excuse for their bad play, theres this thing called depth! Learn it"

Makes me wanna ficking spit!

We play Indy with 1/2 our starters out and get pummelled. The press doesn't rush to our defense quoting injuries as a reason.

Tampa loses ONE stinking player and supposedly thats the reason for their struggles and boy are they in trouble now?

He went out in the 3rd Quarter of the Indy game and Manning engineered one of the best comebacks in NFL history. Absolutely torched them. Manning given all the credit.
I'll do the math for you... if he was out 4 quarters the Colts may have scored 84 points.

We get pummelled with 1 regular starting DB playing and Saints are totally lambasted by these same morons.
I'm so mad I'm babbling now.

saintz08 10-22-2003 11:58 PM

This ticks me off, Bucs suffer major blow?
That\'s because since Haslett has taken over, the defense has been a constant carousel of players coming and going .

Not even the press knows who the starters are supposed to be . :P

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