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BillyCarpenter1 10-22-2003 08:19 PM

October 22, 2003

Q: How has the team's temperament changed since the first time against Carolina?

A: "I don't think it has really changed that much. I think a couple of wins obviously helps. I think the temperament has been the same. We have been scratching, fighting, and trying to get out of the hole. We are not out of it yet. We still have a long way to go. I think a couple of wins make it a lot easier."

Q: Tennessee did a great job slowing down Carolina's running game. How did they do it in your mind?

A: "(Tennessee) got up 20-0. That is about as simple as it gets. They still stayed with it for a while. When it got to be 27, (Carolina) started throwing it up. It was kind of a freak thing. They got (a touchdown) on special teams and they got a fake punt (for a touchdown) on special teams, which made it 14. They really weren't moving the ball on them. They just took advantage of their opportunities and cashed in on them. Carolina was in a mode where they had to throw the ball."

Q: Do you think getting up on them early is the key to getting them out of their game plan?

A: "It is easier said then done because they have a great defense. Not too many teams get up on them. Last week was the only time it happened this season. If you get a lead on them, then it makes it a lot easier. That goes for anybody in this league."

Q: Are there any surprises the second time meeting a divisional opponent?

A: "There is really not. They will always have a trick play: a flea flicker, a throwback or a reverse. They will have something because the teams know each other. They will have something. We will have something. Whoever executes offense, defense and special teams better will win the game."

Q: Can you talk about having a healthy defense going into this game as opposed to the last time versus Carolina?

A: "It helps. Rick (Venturi) has done a nice job of moving some defensive linemen around. He has taken advantage of their abilities, which has helped. Our linebackers are playing well. I think everyone in the back end is doing a nice job also."

Q: Last time against Carolina you didn't have enough healthy defensive linemen to move people in and out. It seems like they were extremely tired in the fourth quarter. How nice is it to have full depth going into Sunday's game?

A: "That's the way it is when you are playing a team that is going to run the ball 48 times and throw it 20. You are probably going to be tired at the end of the game. If we can hold up on the run and our defensive lineman can control their gaps and the linebackers are where they are supposed to be, then we will be all right in the running game."

Q: Do you think Sedrick Hodge will play?

A: "He practiced today. He probably could play, but we are going to let it go and see how he is at the end of the week."

Q: How is Donte' Stallworth?

A: "Donte' didn't practice today. He is probably doubtful for this week."

Q: How is Grady Jackson?

A: "Grady had surgery on his finger today. He tore a ligament. They did a MRI when he got back, which showed that he tore a ligament. He had it put back. I anticipate he will be back at practice either tomorrow or Friday. If not, then Kenderick Allen will play."

Q: Has the league fined Joe Horn for the machine gun incident?

A: "We won't know that until Friday. I would anticipate it, but we will see."

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