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TRANSCRIPT: Carolina Coach John Fox

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; TRANSCRIPT: Carolina Coach John Fox October 22, 2003 NewOrleansSaints.com Q: Do you expect a different type of game this time? A: "I expect pretty much the same kind of game. I haven't seen them change very much. They are basically ...

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TRANSCRIPT: Carolina Coach John Fox

TRANSCRIPT: Carolina Coach John Fox
October 22, 2003

Q: Do you expect a different type of game this time?

A: "I expect pretty much the same kind of game. I haven't seen them change very much. They are basically running the same offense and defense. Health-wise, I know they got their returner back. Offensively, it is the same team. Defensively, they got the safety back and (Kenny) Smith back since the last time we played. I anticipate the same kind of game. It was a tight game last time."

Q: I know you got behind early in the game last week. Did you fall into a game plan that you don't prefer?

A: "Without a doubt, we were down 14-0 and hadn't even broken a sweat yet. That's not really the way that you would like to start any ball game. I am not sure that anybody likes getting in that position."

Q: How has Jake Delhomme progressed?

A: "Very well. I thought he did some good things. Statistically, he had the best game of his career. When you are down 27-3, it is pretty much what you have to do. I thought he directed the offense well given what he had to operate with. That is not our ideal mode of operation."

Q: Do you think stopping the run is the key for both of these teams?

A: "I think it is the key to any team really. Most defensive coaches believe that. We all focus on it. We try to make a team one-dimensional. It is easier to talk about then done. I am sure that is going to be on everybody's must list for both teams."

Q: You seemed to have better success running the ball in the second half when these two teams played last. Is your philosophy to stick with the game plan?

A: "Yes, you have to be in a close game. That was a very close game the last time that we played. You always make different adjustments. When I say adjustments, it is not like you block something different. You just have different styles of plays based on what people are doing to you."

Q: Do you think the Saints are playing with more confidence?

A: "Yes, winning breeds confidence. They have won two in a row. I think putting up 45 points is a pretty formidable day. Their offense is a bunch of very talented guys. They have the big three. They are playing as well as anybody right now. This is going to be a formidable challenge for us."

Q: I saw that a couple of players said that a loss might have been good for your team. Do you share that philosophy?

A: "I don't think it is ever important to lose. I didn't have any wild imagination that we were going to be undefeated this season. Sometimes I think a loss can refocus and recommit. I think (a loss) does do that from that standpoint. I am sure that it will have that effect on us."

Q: How do you prepare for a game in a domed-environment?

A: "We have a noise system here that we utilize. We did the same thing when we went to Indianapolis. We utilize it anytime we go on the road. It is something that our offense practices with everyday."

Q: Coach Haslett said that more teams are going back to old school 1980's football. Have you noticed that this year?

A: "I think basically that people are figuring out that one of the biggest mismatches in football is the athletes on the defensive line versus the offense on the offensive line. When you are dropping back and passing all of the time, it is tough for those offensive linemen to cover those defensive linemen. That is what they are doing when they pass protect. Some people are trying to keep them off balance a little bit by running at them and using a variety of formations. In our last game, New Orleans utilized much of the same approach that we did with running two tights. They did a little bit more of that in our game here in Charlotte. I think a lot of teams are going to start to do that a little bit more. It is a little more low risk."

Q: Do you think that is why we are seeing sack totals down around the league?

A: "Yes, that would be my take on that stat. You have to protect. When you try to drop back and spread everything out, you are dealing with smaller, quicker people. It's not a good matchup."

Q: Do you think Dan Morgan will play on Sunday?

A: "Right now he is listed as questionable. He didn't practice today. He is day to day. He had a head concussion last week."

Q: A lot of coaches don't put a lot of stock in rankings. Are your defensive rankings a little deceiving at this point?

A: "I don't put much stock in statistics because a lot of it has to do with who you have played. We have played Indianapolis, Tennessee, Tampa and the Saints once. Four of our six games were against top five offensive teams. I don't put much stock in that."

Q: Are you OK with where you are ranked statistically on defense?

A: "I am OK where we are being 5-1."
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