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saintz08 10-23-2003 01:29 AM

Non Transcript - Joe Horn
Anyone here remember Horn firing up the Falcon defense with his mouth ???

Here we go again ..............

CHARLOTTE — Less than three weeks ago, the New Orleans Saints lost 19-13 to the Carolina Panthers. But that didn’t stop Saints wide receiver Joe Horn from taking a few verbal jabs at one of his all-time favorite targets — the Panthers’ secondary.

After the game Horn told reporters that Carolina’s secondary was “vulnerable� and would be exposed at some point during the season.

“Every year it’s something with him,� Panthers cornerback Terry Cousin said shaking his head in disbelief. “No matter what we do it will always be something. He feels one way about us and he’s never going to change. So we’ll take care of that on Sunday.�

The Panthers weren’t about to get caught up in a war of words with Horn.

“We aren’t going to worry about Joe Horn,� cornerback Reggie Howard said. “We’ll take care of him when we go down to New Orleans. That is all I have to say about it.�

Said strong safety Minter: “I’ll just say this: He’s got us (in the secondary) fired up.�

Cousin said he was “shocked� by Horn’s comments, and suggested that they probably came out of frustration after the loss.

But that doesn’t mean he’s going to let the three-time Pro Bowl receiver off the hook.

“You never forget things like that, so we’re going to see what happens on Sunday,� Cousin said. “He has to go out there and stand behind his word. I’m pretty sure us four in the back will hold him accountable.�

Added free safety Deon Grant: “When there’s a guy talking about you, it becomes personal because he’s trying you as a football player and as a man. You have to go out there and show that player up. When a guy is talking trash it makes you turn your game up.�

This isn’t the first time Horn has become a pre-game story line because of his comments, nor will it be the last — even though he’s not currently speaking with the media.

Horn’s act appears to have grown a little tiresome for Saints head coach Jim Haslett.

When asked Wednesday on a conference call about Horn’s comments, Haslett responded, “Whatever Joe said, just ignore. Sometimes he talks without thinking.�

Ironically, all four starting Carolina defensive backs said Horn is not much of a trash talker on the field.

“Honestly, he doesn’t talk a lot — unless he makes a big play,� Grant said. “If he doesn’t make a big play then he’s buddy-buddy with you.�

After New Orleans’ 34-24 win over the Panthers last season, Horn said after the game he could see “fear in the eyes� of Carolina’s defensive backs as the Saints drove 95 yards for the go-ahead touchdown in the final minute.

That became bulletin board material for the Panthers, who got revenge when they prevented the Saints from reaching the NFC playoffs with a 10-6 win last December in the regular season finale at the Superdome.

Howard said Horn’s comments would probably find their way to a locker room wall on Sunday. “It definitely pumps you up for a guy to say what he’s saying,� Howard said. “I don’t know why he keeps wanting to add fuel to the fire.�

BlackandBlue 10-23-2003 08:44 AM

Non Transcript - Joe Horn
I love Joe. I hope he never shuts up.

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