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billyh1026 10-23-2002 04:36 PM

Your thoughts on the end of the 9'er game??
I've never have and never thought I would in my whole life, yell for the Saints to NOT score but I did Sunday. I know Haslett said they decided to go for the TD. Take the 8 point lead. Make them score a TD and 2 point conversion to tie. That's how we got 12 men on the field. They were confussed about whether or not to take a knee 3 times, and kick the FG or go for the TD. Personally, I think they should've taken the knee's. Run time off the clock. Make them take their last T.O. Kick the 3. Squib the kick off, and leave them with a few seconds to try and score. I know it all turned out ok, but I still think it was a bad call. Anyone agree? Or, do ya'll think I'm nuts?

On another note.....finally we're throwing down field. Running a reverse here and there. And, using AB's legs!! I just hope it keeps up for the long haul.

p.s. Best offensive play calling all year.

Halo 10-24-2002 01:34 PM

Your thoughts on the end of the 9'er game??
I disagree. If the Saints would have kneed it, 49ers called a TO, then we tried and did not get into the endzone and had to settle for a field goal, then everyone would really really be mad because a score by the 49ers or a lucky score would result in a win. In football the general rule is take the points. In this case you make a good point but taking the points was the best option because it besets the opponent 2 scores (a TD and a 2 point conversion), and only then they can tie you and not win. Taking the points was the best option.

SaintStoneyMount 10-24-2002 08:15 PM

Your thoughts on the end of the 9'er game??
I think we won that game and I don\'t feel second guessing the way we did it is needed. If I was making the calls (and thank God I\'m not) I probably would have put it in the end zone and make the other team win with a touchdown and a two point play. I would have felt my defense should be able to hold since they had done a decent job in the fourth quarter and we had the momentum.


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