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BillyCarpenter1 10-23-2003 08:24 AM

Stealthman Speaks on Brooks Bashers

We are entering week 7 in the 2003 season. If you check the two most-mentioned names on Saints’ message boards, one is NOT a New Orleans Saint. Why is that? There are many who, maybe for the sake of pride, or trying to make a point, will not stop making the comparison between Aaron Brooks and Jake Delhomme. Hey, everyone has their own opinion. But why is it that some keep a closer watch on Jake’s stats than other key indicators from the Saints?

Beats me.

This I know: If I had a wife (or girlfriend) who always told me that no matter how well or poorly I performed she thinks that her ex-husband or boyfriend is “all that… and how he’s “better than me…� she needs to make life better for both of us: GO

If you want to look at statistics, consider the following:

4) For all the “Brooks Bashers� the following stats are for NFL starting QB’s with at least 1000 yds passing and 85 or higher rating in 2003 after week 6:

a) In TD passes, Aaron is 2nd in the NFC; 5th in the NFL
b) In QB rating, Aaron is 3rd in the NFC; 5th in the NFL
c) In passing attempts, Aaron is 3rd in the NFC; 3rd in the NFL
d) In completions, Aaron is 3rd in the NFC; 5th in the NFL
e) In fewest int’s, Brooks is 1st in the NFC; 2nd in the NFL

Sorry to disappoint, but Jake Delhomme didn’t meet the total yds./qb rating criteria, so we couldn’t compare.


saintfan 10-23-2003 04:01 PM

Stealthman Speaks on Brooks Bashers
To quote another thread...\"Don\'t take my word for it\"

I like that \"GO\" idea. To the maker and the drinkers of 08 Kool-Aid, I\'m quite sure the Panthers bandwagon has a few empty seats left. Good riddance!

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