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Negative Vibes Abound

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Everyone has to admit that a true Saints fan will say things that they don't really mean about the Saints but they always come back around. What we can't do is over analyze everything that is said. We've been talking ...

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Everyone has to admit that a true Saints fan will say things that they don't really mean about the Saints but they always come back around. What we can't do is over analyze everything that is said. We've been talking trash about OUR Saints for 44 years but there are no fans like us because we speak our minds.
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I was on the live chat for the first time in a while last night and it was fun. It was a nail-biter and when you get games like that tension runs high. I know I would get frustrated and point out poor tackling by the defense or lack of execution by offense on key series but I never gave up and got excited when we made plays, and I think that was how most of the crowd was. There were some who thought we were getting lucky with some turnovers and thought the game was over when SF converted on that last drive but that was a small group. We have a good team and it isn't going to be an easy road but I believe in these guys. We are mentally tough and winning games when you don't play that well is something great teams do.

Overall, I thought the live chat was a good time and I plan on jumping on again the next time I can watch the game at home and not have to go to a bar (which unfortunately probably won't be until we play the steelers on MNF).
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Originally Posted by DblBogey View Post
I don't like what I am feeling. Our two wins have not been pretty, they are not like last year, maybe we are spoiled. Games like last night good teams lose and great teams win them. Having said that I was on the B&G chat during the game last night and just reading some posts in the forum I am seeing and feeling negative vibes creeping into our house. I don't know if iot is bandwagoneers or what but we can't give up on them because of a couplae of close games. We have got to keep the faith and believe. We are the Who Dat Nation~'nuff said!
Oh I think we're definitely spoiled from last year in part. But I don't understand a lot of frustration after a win. A win is a win. I seem to remember the Patriot dynasty of the early 2000s won a lot of ugly games. It's not always a Rose Garden, especially when you're the defending Champions.
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Originally Posted by hitta View Post
Last week the 49ers got beat by the Seahawks, this week the seahawks get beat by the Broncos. Last week the Broncos got beat by the Jaguars, this week the Jaguars got beat by the Chargers. Last week the Chargers got beat by the Chiefs, this week the Chiefs squeaked by the Browns. This week the Patriots got beat by the Jets, the Bengals beat the Ravens. Last week the Patriots beat the Bengals, and the Jets got beat by the Ravens. I can continue; but come on people, this is the NFL. All the teams can win games; the key in the NFL is consistency; and quite frankly the Saints are 2-0. Did our offense play as spectacular as you all hoped it would.... probably not. Still, we won and found a way.
Truth! Nicely put sir.
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The niners definately showed up to play.I'm not one to go into panic mode just because the team is not where we expect them to be;tough start to a season but at least we aren't playing the lesser caliber teams leaving the media to rant and rave.I've always rode it out thru the highs and lows no matter the situation.Your opinion may be Repete's stuck in stupid,but I see it as no difference from the old days when our faith was tested week in week out.Another tough one next week but just as always...BRING EM' ON

Believe in only what you've come to know -Repete
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it was me. thats fine i never asked for approval to say how i felt about our defense. i guess i should have.

same **** different season. i suppose. our defense isnt gettin any better
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Originally Posted by SaintinGA12 View Post
Truth! Nicely put sir.
This entire post pretty much sums up what a crazy season it has been in the NFL....and we are only two games into it. It's got the potential to be even more insane before it's over with.
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Sign me up for 10-12 more wins like this in the regular season and three in the postseason and I'll be a happy camper.

Probably a little more gray hair, but happy...
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have not posted in forever but that game gave me a heart attack last night BUT our WHO DATS! pulled it off. Saw tons of games like that last year. Plan to be here more. I miss my BnG brothers and sisters
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If you thought Monday night was ugly, then I can only conclude that you are only about 14 or so...because you haven't ever seen ugly if you think that was ugly. It was beautiful...because it ended with a W.

It's one thing to listen to what S Young was talking about...it's quite another to have lived through it. He took the reins from Montana and continued to do what Montana had already done to us for about a decade.

The only thing that upset me about Monday night was that my prediction of 34-14 did not materialize...but there was never any doubt in my mind that this team was gonna win. The teams of the 20th century would have found a way to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory.

Whether you think you can or think you can't...you're right!
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