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tweeky 10-24-2003 07:38 AM

Free agent CB's available next year!!!
From CBSSportsline
Prisco's notes:

There are several key cornerbacks who could be unrestricted free agents next spring, depending on whether their teams place tags on them. Among them are
Washington's Champ Bailey,
Oakland's Charles Woodson,
Seattle's Shawn Springs
and Antoine Winfield of the Bills.
Other potential free-agent corners are
Troy Vincent and Bobby Taylor of the Eagles,
Ahmed Plummer of the 49ers and
Jacksonville's Fernando Bryant.
Bailey is a lock to be tagged if he doesn't have a new deal, but it's not a certainty for the others. The interesting player on that list is Springs. He has outstanding ability but has battled a slew of injuries. He was bad last week against the Bears in his first game of the season, which made some speculate whether Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren would send him to the bench. It won't happen now, but rookie Marcus Trufant played well in his place to open the season, and if Springs can't turn it around, don't be shocked to see him sit down. If it happens, it could cost him a lot of money

Now, do any of you feel any better about not drafting a corner last year?
I think the Saints thought that they could get by for a year with the aging corners they have and address it next year when the market is loaded. And from what I've read there are several stud CB's coming out of college next year also.

I also noticed there are about a zillion quality LB's (both OLB and MLB) also available in next years draft.

The futures so bright, I gotta wear shades!

We'll probably just take another OL from Georgia! ;)

nocloning 10-24-2003 11:24 AM

Free agent CB's available next year!!!
If I would have felt bad about drafting Sullivan - no, this wouldn\'t make me feel any better. It\'s not that impressive a list, maybe five of them will actually become free agents and who knows if any of them will end up in New Orleans when 10 or 12 other teams are also in the market for a CB?
Drafting a CB next year is a possibility, I also heard next year\'s class would be good. Trufant has surprised me. I had expected him to have more than minor rookie problems, but he has played pretty well. Best scenario would be that one or more of the CB project players step up, but the way they have played so far this season - not likely to happen.

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BlackandBlue 10-24-2003 01:12 PM

Free agent CB's available next year!!!
I was a huge Trufant supporter, for those that don\'t remember. I even was called out on it a few times. He\'s merely proving me right at this point. He is having a better year than some gave him credit for. After calming down, I somewhat understand where Haslett was trying to go by drafting Sullivan, and had we not traded up to get him, New England would have picked him up. The best thing I can say about him is that from what I\'ve seen thusfar, he seems to have tremendous upswing. He appears to have intimidated the opponents enough to where I have seen him double-teamed on more than one occasion.
Regardless, please please please, whatever you do, take the best player available next year. Whether it is a linebacker, cornerback, defensive end- whatever- just take the best player available, and you can do no wrong- just ask Deuce. Hopefully it will be either a linebacker or cornerback, but if the well is dry, just take the best player available

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