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tweeky 10-24-2003 08:46 AM

How to beat Carolina...
How to beat Carolina, and everyone else.

I keep hearing we should maybe run 1st to set up the pass, or pass 1st to set up the run.

LINEAR THINKING my friends. Static game-planning.

This should be the Saints gameplan, EVERY STINKING WEEK…

With the lethal weapons we have at EVERY position on offense, we can afford to take whatever their defense gives us and score nearly every possession.
If they crowd the line, smoke their asss with the pass.
Tight coverage, go deep
Loose coverage, hit the intermediates.

If they back off the line, pound their asss with Deuce.

If they play base, mix it up and let Brooks decide. (yes, I think he's capable of that)

No team in this league should be able to stop us. The only one who can stop this team is Mike McCarthy.

We have the weapons to force teams to choose their own poison. I say let them choose.

rich006 10-24-2003 11:30 AM

How to beat Carolina...
You\'re right. This offense doesn\'t have any weaknesses except inconsistent execution and play-calling. We can beat them no matter what they do, just by calling the right play based on what they give us, and then executing well. Of course a good defensive game plan would not show consistently the same look. But having talent throughout the offense gives us the luxury of being able to pick and choose any game plan we want based on the defense.

I think when people say pass to set up the run, they are assuming that Carolina will do what most teams have done this year, which is key on Deuce and hope AB can\'t beat them downfield. Hopefully McCarthy won\'t continue to force the run if it isn\'t there. Carolina has to do that with their offense; we don\'t.

billybignuts 10-25-2003 06:35 AM

How to beat Carolina...
I\'m pretty sure Carolina will try to stop Deuce and make AB beat them. The Falcons had pretty much the same game plan, and it backfired on them very quickly. If the offense can pickup where it left off last week, the Panthers will be trouble.

BillyCarpenter1 10-25-2003 08:01 AM

How to beat Carolina...
I\'m going to tell y\'all how to beat the Panthers. But it\'s a big secret, so don\'t tell anyone --OK? Here\'s what you have to do --- STOP STEPHEN DAVIS !!!

I actually heard on ESPN that the Titans only played with one cornerback on the field for most of the game. The rest of the defensive backs were safties. They just had so many guys at the line of scrimmage that the Panthers couldn\'t run the ball. If I\'m Jim Haslett, then I\'m gonna do the samething and force Jake Delhomme to beat us throwing the ball. Jake might be able to pull it off, put I prefer that to Stephen Davis running the ball for 4 and 5 yards a pop.

As far as our offense goes -- Points are tough to come by against their defense. I do like the idea that our offense is coming into this game confident. If the Saints offense can put up 24 or more points on the Panthers, then I think we win and I think our offense is truely back.

rich006 10-25-2003 03:28 PM

How to beat Carolina...
I don\'t know if I\'d want to use the 1 CB, 3 safety system with our safeties. I think I\'d rather have Fred Thomas on the field than Tebucky Jones. He may give up a lot of completions but at least he can tackle.

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