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papz 09-24-2010 08:56 AM

Payton's Thursday Press Conference
Saints Coach talks about Falcons, Chris Ivory & Special Teams
New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Opening Statement:

“Zach Strief, knee was full today. Chris Ivory, knee was full. Usama Young with his quad was limited and the following three players did not practice: Anthony Waters, Reggie Bush and cornerback, Randall Gay.”

What happened with Gay’s independent exam due to the concussion?

“That test was done this morning. He’s still not cleared. We’ll go at it again and see where he’s at tomorrow and just keep monitoring his progress and make sure that he’s full speed and ready to go if we put him on the field.”

What do you have a feel for about the Falcons?

“A couple things. I think Mike (Smith) and his staff has done a great job. They’ve put a team together that’s built with speed. I think they’re a team offensively that certainly has big play ability. The quarterback has done a real good job. Defensively, they run to the ball very well. They cause a lot of problems, because they’re multiple in the looks they give you. They pressure you. They’re very well-coached.”

Is there anything you remember about your last meeting with them?

“Nothing specific. Just that it’s a hard-fought game. The one we played here went back and forth, certainly with the momentum swings. It ended up being as I remember real close and one where the momentum shifted back and forth and we were able to make enough plays in the end.”

Patrick Robinson was inactive last week and now with Randall Gay’s injury could be thrust back into a role potentially. Do you think he’s ready?

“If Randall can’t go he’ll have to be ready to go.”

Can you talk about the progress you see from him?

“He’s doing well. I think certainly he understands what we’re doing. He’s had a couple good practices. Just from the snaps we’ve given him yesterday and today, he’s done a good job. He and Leigh (Torrence) are both getting a lot of work.”

Matt Ryan seems to be a guy with a quicker release than your first two quarterbacks you faced. How do you face the different dynamic?

“He’s a hard sack. They’re different and I agree. He’s someone that doesn’t take a lot of hits. He’s very decisive. He knows their system very well and is comfortable in it, so when you watch him play, the ball doesn’t come out fast. He operates very efficiently with his play action under center, certainly his throws under center and then under the gun, in a lot of the games we’ve played, it becomes very difficult to get after him with pressure because he gets rid of it so quickly. But, he has great arm strength. Certainly he has a lot of confidence in his targets and where he’s going with the football. They give you a lot of looks.”

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Payton's Thursday Press Conference

homerj07 09-24-2010 10:19 AM

Kill - Kill - Kill - Kill

The Falclowns!!

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