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BillyCarpenter1 10-25-2003 09:00 AM

The resurrected: Roaf leads pack of renewed stars

The resurrected: Roaf leads pack of renewed stars
Oct. 22, 2003
By Jay Glazer Senior Writer
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When the Chiefs beat Oakland on Monday night, there was a strong feeling that something on the screen was eerily familiar. Kansas City's left tackle was dominating, even vicious at times. He looked just like that guy the Saints used to have who was simply freakish. What was that guy's name again? Wait a minute, is that the same guy?

Willie Roaf has arrived ... again.

Willie Roaf has reclaimed the huge reputation he built with the Saints.(Getty Images)
Roaf is a former star turned castoff turned born-again stud.

For years, the former first-round pick was revered as the most freakish tackle in football. His size-speed ratio was so outlandish Roaf could have been a prime candidate for a mutant in X-Men.

But two years ago, injuries and heinous locker room problems dropped Roaf from stardom to expulsion. In his second season with the Chiefs, Roaf has returned to All-Pro form. He is performing like the Big Willie of old, if not better, and along with Will Shields, he anchors the best team in America.

"He can dominate just by consistent intensity and effort and everything else," said Chiefs coach Dick Vermeil. "Willie Roaf can dominate, especially when he's got his body prepared to dominate. He can wear you out. Last year was a year of getting used to Dick Vermeil and the Chiefs program. Now, he's a Chief."

"We acquired Willie Roaf last year, who did an excellent job, and brought himself back to Pro Bowl status," said RB Priest Holmes, a man who has reaped first-hand benefits from Roaf's resurrection.

Roaf leads the way for a surprisingly high number of fallen studs back into the spotlight. Thus far, this season has been highlighted by reunions, but it could instead become the year of Immaculate Resurrections.

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WhoDat 10-25-2003 01:18 PM

The resurrected: Roaf leads pack of renewed stars
Why am I not surprised? Anyone noticed what Priest Holmes has done in the last two seasons? Turned into a star? Hmmm... not saying it\'s all Roaf, but it certainly helps.

tweeky 10-25-2003 04:23 PM

The resurrected: Roaf leads pack of renewed stars
Yea, maybe the big boy doesn\'t have any teammates his wife finds attractive.

seraph33 10-26-2003 12:52 AM

The resurrected: Roaf leads pack of renewed stars
I really love Big Willie. I wish he could have played his whole career here. That\'s the way it should have been. I hope he chooses to retire a Saint. Not sure that will happen though.

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