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BillyCarpenter1 10-26-2003 07:57 AM

I feel like I'm about to be banned - Can I get an explinatio
I bring up a subject about the Saints fans who wear bags on their head. This has been subject that has been highly publicised in the newspapers, and in the media. Joe Horn addressed the media on this subject. Surely this is a subject worthy of being discussed on this board.

I state my position on the subject and there is an overwhelming response on this subject. Many memebers don't agree with my position and that's fine. They tell me the reason they believe my opinion is wrong. I feel I have the right to respond to their statements concerning my opinion as long as the debate is kept civil. Which it was.

The next thing that happens is I'm being pointed out as a trouble maker by the moderator. I think anyone who goes back and reads the thread in question can find no rules that were broken and the only thing that was happening on that thread was discussing football related subjects the way they are suppose to be discussed. Anyone that is honest cannot possibly say that I was flaming any member.

I feel that I'm being treated unfairly and when someone can no longer debate valid issues on a board I feel it defeats the purpose this board was intended for.

Has it gotten to the point to when a couple of people don't share your view or that they are simply tired of watching thedebate go on that someone's opinion can just be muted. Is this going to be the normal practice on here.

I asked for all the rules to be posted because I feel there has been a "Billy Rule" in here for a while. I feel I have followed all the rules that were posted. If I have broken a rule can you show me and everyone else what rule I broke.

whowatches 10-26-2003 08:16 AM

I feel like I'm about to be banned - Can I get an explinatio
I hope that Billy is not banned. His take on the Baghead issue is an intelligent and passionate one. I do not agree with him, but I enjoy talking to him about it.

This site would not be the same without Billy.

Moderators, please don\'t begin to overreact on all members because of the childishness of one guy who was only a member for a couple of weeks. The rest of us enjoy disagreeing with each other, and we do it pretty respectfully 99% of the time.

I was online when Swampdog went crazy, so I know why he was banned and agree with your decision. During my stay here, Billy has come nowhere close to SD\'s actions.

JOESAM2002 10-26-2003 08:16 AM

I feel like I'm about to be banned - Can I get an explinatio

Question? Hasn\'t this thread become the latest in a long line of dead horses yet? Seems to me the whole world knows by now how you feel about the bags. Let\'s go on to something else.

This question is how I mistreated you? Get real! Then you come back and lambaste me? I don\'t think so. Follow the rules!

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