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spkb25 10-03-2010 07:43 PM

Liked this read
“We’ve been there before,’’ the New Orleans receiver said. “We’ve had those kinds of drives before.’’

“To me, if we’re 3-1 and not playing our best football, we’re in a good spot,’’ said defensive tackle Sedrick Ellis

Late-game mettle serves Saints well - NFC South Blog - ESPN

winmill1 10-03-2010 08:38 PM

Great read. Elllis has a point we are playing like crap and are 3-1. That should tell you how winning a superbowl has changed our expectations as fans. We are all complaining that we are not the same team, but we are having a SB hangover and we are 3-1. Wait until we get on step. This isn't last year because last year was WHO DAT and this year is WE DAT. TRUEDAT

arsaint 10-03-2010 08:45 PM

And how many games like this can each of us remember that we played like this and LOST???

Did I want to see them blow Carolina out 48-3? SURE!!! But a win is a win.

We are not playing well enough to win against the top teams, but hopefully we'll start firing on all cyclinders soon and the injury bug will go away, too...

winmill1 10-03-2010 08:57 PM

But we are playing good enough to beat good teams, we have Atlanta beaten with a 29 yd field goal. But define a good team.This is the strangest year I can remember. Cincy beats Bal but gets handled by Cleveland. Green Bay-they should have lost to Det and lost to Chi. Chi- Cutler as I write this just tied the record for sacks in a game(like 10 i think), Indy-Looked great then fall to Jacksonville, New England-week 1 looked like the greatest team crushing Bengals then get beat by the Jets easily and almost lose at Buffalo, The Jets cant beat Bal then Bal gets handled by Bengals and almost lose to Cleveland.
The point is nobody looks great. Nobody. This thing is wide open and we are just as good as anyone else. After tonight we will be tied for best record in the NFC and second in the NFL. And the Chiefs are sitting alone at the top. Are you kidding me. Have you ever seen so many close games, games decided in the last 2 mins. Crazy this NFL. We aren't playing our best-but we are on top. That's great news.

QBREES9 10-03-2010 08:57 PM

I wanted to see a blow out. You're right a win is a win.

Crusader 10-04-2010 06:40 AM

I'm spoiled rotten from last year. If Brees don't put up 350yds passing and the O scores minimum 30 points I'ma think they play sloppy or bad...strange what succes does to oneself.

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