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Saintswrath 10-10-2010 07:59 PM

Had a few puff's.. now im ready to vent..
Naw im good, it's only 2 loses, im not gonna sweat it, Arizona played great, and they like that other bird team we played capitalized on our own problems..
I think we're slowly getting worse as long as we have this plague of injuries, and bad play calling, but im confident as we get some guys back from injury we'll right the ship and the Coaches will have their original gameplans back..
Still a lot of game left in the season, only 5 games have been played, as of right now we're still playoff bound like every other team in the league right now..
The Arizona game was already looking like a trap game, you know they had to not only beat the team that smacked them out of the playoffs but let off some steam from the fatal loss they suffered..
We were the perfect candidate to win some confidence back on their team.. Sadly it was with a new QB, i do hope that kid go on to bring the Cardinals to the Playoffs otherwise im going to feel iffy about any poor team we play against from here on out..

We're getting slammed by Falcon fans now, i got 10 Text messages and i was on site and they would not lay off, im like damn it's only been 5 games, they're just flocking around.. I hope they fall flat on their faces as the season goes on man, they deserve a hard breaks back to reality slap in the face..
And apparently our entire last season was luck, officials helped us, our convincing dominating blow out games were just flukes, our Superbowl was a fluke, our fan-base is a fluke and we'll revert back to bag wearers.. they are going nuts from this loss!
They lost Vick and Arthur blank almost had to close up shop!

73Saint 10-10-2010 08:03 PM

Eff the Falcons. The fans there are nothing but a bunch of transplant bandwagoners anyway. What they say means squat to me. They are losers.

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