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Redzone NOffense

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Somebody explain to me with a possible WR/TE package that averages 6'3" why in the hell are Moore and Henderson brought down at the goaline/redzone area? Have we more than once this year thrown a fade to the corner with ...

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Redzone NOffense

Somebody explain to me with a possible WR/TE package that averages 6'3" why in the hell are Moore and Henderson brought down at the goaline/redzone area?

Have we more than once this year thrown a fade to the corner with Colston, or Shockey for that matter?

We almost need to change our team's name to the New Orleans Dumpoffs or the Checkdowns, that would be more fitting of what Drew seems to be doing every single series. Especially inside the 20 this is our M.O. this season.

If anyone out there has a number to a good VooDoo priestess please call Mickey Loomis and get them in touch. Why you may ask?

Because for some reason Sean Payton is either channeling or been posessed by Jim Mora circa 1986. Every time we get close to the money shot we puss out and play for field goals. The play calling has been attrocious, somebody get a live chicken, a knife and take care of this before it gets more serious!

"Playoffs! You're talking about playoffs??!!!"

If Sean's head starts spinning during the press conference and pea soup comes shooting out please call the local parrish priest asap!
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Mora's idea of a play calling series was run it two times, then try a short pass, then punt. That was after we got a whopping three point lead of course.
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OK we can conjure up the spirit of Marie Laveau again we will need some chickens a few toads, and well we can work out the details later. Your point is well taken the aggressive play calling is locked in SP's briefcase.
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Yea the play call has go to sh*t in the red zone. Also can be said for that game all together.
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And it's not just the redzone playcalling.
Near the end of the game, less than 8 minutes to go, and it's 4th down, we're down by 10, and we're punting the ball. As soon as the ball was kicked, the game was over in my mind.
Challenge your team to get that 1st down, then to score.
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I would love to see the team play some hurry-up offense. Pass almost all the time like we did in the first half of the Vikings game, so the offense can get in rhythm and out of the malaise. Give the defense less time to react and hit 'em hard.

This draining-the-play-clock-down-to-1-and-handing-off-the-ball-on-a-draw stuff has to go. We're far from the only team guilty of this hyper-conservative play. But I think the NFL should be like a game of bumper cars, pedal to the metal and have fun.

Case in point - watch what Oklahoma did vs Texas in the first half of the Red River shootout this year.

#FireGoodell #BoycottNFL #NotDat

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redzone my asre, we can't even kick a 29 yarder after the redzone td failures. just finding out now that carney missed a fricken 29er are you kidding me.
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Why weren't they running the 2-minute offense when we had the ball down by 10 with less than 8 minutes left on the clock? We would only have a couple of possesions to play with anyway. Why would you let the clock run AT ALL when you are down in the 4th quarter? Why play it teeth and nail rather than getting on top with plenty time left? as if they just HAD to tie or take the lead with only 3 seconds left in the game. Lots of what we are seeing is coaching. I like Payton, but he is going to have to start getting more out of the guys than he has gotten up til now. Even the #2's and 3's on the depth chart are going to have to step it up and keep their heads in the game better.

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Drew can't find our receivers who aren't getting separation from the defense.
The offensive line can't open a hole for our running back that was 5th on the depth chart.
And the specials teams are horrible with the exception of some great plays by Roby.
Coaching has been less than impressive so far.
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