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skymike 10-11-2010 04:30 PM

Not to place the blame on the kickers, as there are lots of reasons...
but.... fact is, we've lost one we win with a 11 yard FG..... and woulda tied yesterday, with another inside the 20...

just saying:


Did all the kickers in the world drop dead? Used to be they grew on trees. One time Atlanta found a bartender that could kick. I am not making this stuff up. The Oilers one time found a washed up soccer player from Austria. The Redskins Mark Mosely wasnt really a kicker, and he kicked. I think he was a failed safety. He kicked straight on, and went 29 of 30 one year, because the Redskinsd didnt try a FG, unless they were inside the 20. If you are inside the 20, that is field goal range. It should be automatic.

Are they really that hard to find????

I ------------ CAN HIT A 30 YARD FG. I can. I dont even have to do that funny little sideways lineup step off. I can hit from 30... easy.


----ITS EASY... .HERE YOU TRY IT. take the -Be-A-Saints-FG-KICKER-Challenge.

Are you at least 12 year old?
5 feet tall?
Are you in a wheelchair? No?
Are you an amputee? No?
Have you ever played outside in your life?
Do you have any mental disturbances which cause you to flail wildly,
or seize your legs uncontrollably sideways? no?

Well, then you TOO, can kick a successful FG when the Saints have the ball inside the 20.


neugey 10-11-2010 04:51 PM

I'm tired of kickers and field goals. Just let the QB take the snap and throw it between the goalposts for 3 points.

saintsfan1976 10-11-2010 05:45 PM

We played in close games last year too. Difference being that we won almost every one of them.

I understand our "need" to find someone to blame. But this goes beyond kickers.

Although injuries have played a part - this team is different than last year. Something is missing. They seem to be slower, less cohesive and without a focus.

History dictates they have a mediocre season.

Rugby Saint II 10-11-2010 05:46 PM

One of the things that Payton did when he took over was go into a kicker search mode....he tried and tried to find Mr. automatic. Then last year his scrub off the street who had come in at mid season hit 8 for 8 if I remember correctly. Then the kid takes Adderol in the off season and is suspended for four games.....we bring in Carney and he's hot, so coach let's the young kid watch and learn. Great!
Mid season we need a roster spot and Carney gets cut. Hartley steps up and goes on to set a Superbowl record........a kid off the street remember.
It must be hard for both him and Sean Payton now because Sean needs a good kicker but he's not going to give up too many games to find out if he has the right guy(like Morten Anderson).

MatthewT 10-11-2010 05:55 PM

NFL kickers should be automatic from 40 yards and under. No excuse! I understand the occasional block or something, but not just a pure miss. Not sure what it is with Saints kickers, remember that guy Mare? He is lights out for Seattle. Just have no idea... I am sure Hartley will start to play again soon, and really, I don't believe Carney is washed up yet.

Beastmode 10-11-2010 05:56 PM

I'm for the drop kick at this point. Missing inside the 30 of a dome for a pro kicker is not acceptable. They are only using about half of their power. Is it the holder? Somebody please figure this out. It's something very fundamental and it's killing us.

TheKillerBs 10-11-2010 09:13 PM

Maybe we need to trade for Brunell just to get our holder back! He can be the 3rd string QB.

Budsdrinker 10-11-2010 09:34 PM

All kickers miss field goals. It's a fact of life. We just seem to miss the ones that costs us games. Think about Carney for instance, he was cut by San Diego after 2000 because he only made 72% of his kicks. Also if you want to look it up Morton Andersen missed 11 FGs his last year in New Orleans for 71.8%. Can't blame it all on the kicker but it sure is easy to do it.

OldMaid 10-11-2010 10:14 PM

Ok, Mike. That was so funny and I am glad you vented, got that of your chest.
To answer you,yes, something is odd with place kickers. I agree with you.
Hartley is running hot/cold and you never know.
It is hard to be confident with him right now.

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