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ami2kind4words 10-27-2003 04:40 PM

I am curious is it illegal for the WR to block a defender while the ball is in the air? Carolina done it at least four times with out a penality.

Who was responsible for blocking Peppers on 4th down?

Will Tebucky Jones improve in his performance on his game? if not, is it possible for the saints to get rid of him?

SaintNik 10-27-2003 10:43 PM

1. Illegal for sure. Carolina got away with offensive pass interference several times including getting a call in their favor in the endzone ruled against Fred Thomas for pass interference that moved the ball to the 1 that led to a touchdown. The proper call of offensive pass interference on that play would have moved the ball back to the 16. It was a bad call that cost the Saints probably 4 points.

2. Haslett put all of the blame on Ernie Conwell. Each time I looked at that play I saw Conwell, Fontenot, and Bentley on the ground on our side of the line of scrimmage. With the formation the Saints lined up in who didn\'t expect the play that was called? Not above second guessing I wonder - Why not the naked bootleg with Brooks running around left end after faking it to Deuce? Why not a QB sneak with less than a yard to go? Why not spread the defense out with 4 wrs? Play action fake and a short pass? How about calling a timeout when you see that they comitted ten men in the box? Why did we get away from the pass and run on 1st and 2nd down when we could have thrown on all three downs while we had them on their heels? Oh well, we didn\'t!

3. What a disappointment! This guy was supposed to bring speed, size and heavy hitting along with veteran leadership. He has hurt the team all year long. He has been slow to react to the play, plays to deep in the secondary and doesn\'t read the run quick enough to use his gifted speed to get up to the line of scrimmage to stuff the run. Instead he is late getting there and gets faked out (see Warrick Dunn run for Atlanta) or tries to deliver the big hit but doesn\'t wrap the runner up, allowing the runner to bounce off while he hits the ground. He is late getting over to help the corners out on the deep pass and doesn\'t jump on the routes coming over the middle. He has dropped his interception opportunities. Victor Green has played better in the few snaps he has been allowed to play. No chance on getting rid of Jones. Big signing bonus and contract. Coaching technique and instilling confidence in him is our best hope.

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