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Don't get nervous Saints' fans, I'm not...yet

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Don't break out the paper bags. Forget about taking your name off of the season ticket waiting list. Quit with all the talk of "there's always next year." Stop with the name calling. You know which one I'm talking about...sounds ...

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Don't get nervous Saints' fans, I'm not...yet

Don't break out the paper bags. Forget about taking your name off of the season ticket waiting list. Quit with all the talk of "there's always next year." Stop with the name calling. You know which one I'm talking about...sounds like "Saints" but without that first letter.

So the New Orleans Saints went out and picked up their second loss of the season on Sunday in Arizona. Yes, it's true that they didn't notch their second loss last season until there was one game remaining in the season, but does it really matter when it happens anyway? This isn't college football where a late loss hurts you more than an early loss.

What happened on Sunday in the loss to the Cardinals should be something opens up the eyes of every single member of the Saints' team and tells them that they need to clean up their act. Something just isn't right so far this season and everyone has been able to see it, but they haven't actually been able to pinpoint it. Maybe it's the running game or Drew Brees isn't up to speed or the defense isn't getting enough turnovers because Darren Sharper isn't out there. Fingers can be pointed in many directions and the blame can be laid wherever you choose, but it all boils down to one thing.

Finishing games.

The Saints are not playing a full sixty minutes when they step out onto that field and it is obvious by the way the mistakes pile up and how the games are a lot close than they should be this season. Just take a look at each game one-by-one and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.

Saints/Vikings: New Orleans opens up the game with a beautiful scoring drive by driving down the field as if Minnesota wasn't even on the field yet barely were able to get by with a win.
Saints/49ers: Out they game like gangbusters and scored quickly and methodically but then had to rely on a Garrett Hartley field goal to win out.
Saints/Falcons: They had the lead on numerous occasions and never should have lost or even been in overtime for that matter, but then came out with the loss.
Saints/Panthers: Moved down the field with blinding speed and tormented Jimmy Clausen only to later sit back and pray John Carney's leg still had it.
Saints/Cardinals: An interception and a 10 point lead before the first quarter was even halfway over, but then ended up losing by 10 to a team that didn't even score a legitimate offensive touchdown.
I'm not saying this is that whole "Super Bowl hangover" thing everyone talks about because my true feeling is that this team doesn't believe they are better than everyone out there. What appears to me is that the Saints have become one of those teams that doesn't play to win like last year but plays to protect. They'll come out firing and build up a small, but decent, lead and then back off on the burners. For some reason they will play preventative measures to hold onto a 7 or 10 point lead instead of pouring it on and building up a 20 point lead.

Once the "protect mode" of playing sets in, then it's rather hard to get back up into full speed right in the middle of a game. Such as been the case with the Saints where the Who Dat Nation has watched them go out onto the field and look like the team that started 13-0 last year. A quarter and a half later, the Saints are clinging to a 3-point lead against a sub-par team and halftime is quickly approaching. No longer is the energy and fire there that was before the game began and it's not easy to build that back up once you're barely ahead on a bad team or surprisingly losing.

This isn't lazy or ****y...it's just uninspired play.

My plea to you Saints fans is not to give up hope. If you're one of those bandwagon fans that jumps on when they're winning because it's the trendy thing to do and jumps off when they're losing because you have no sense, then go ahead. That type of fan support won't be missed. If you're a tried and true Saints' fan though, just keep your cool and don't think the season is over.

Oh, and don't boo this team because of what is going on right now. When the boos rained down in the Superdome a week ago because John Carney trotted out to kick a field goal, it kind of made my jaw drop and caused me to look around in shock. Funny how it was only a matter of minutes before Carney went back out to hit another field goal and put the Saints in the lead, but this time the crowd screamed and cheered. Don't be so fickle and flip-flop your allegiance so quickly Saints fans.

If you have a little bit of panic then that is perfectly fine because I've already had some myself. The injuries are really getting to me and the incredible lack of a running game has me overly concerned, but that's normal. Just don't freak out and start thinking the season is over because our boys are 3-2. The end of the world is not nigh and neither is the end of the football season for that matter.

Soon the injuries will heal up and we'll see players like Tracy Porter, Will Smith, Pierre Thomas, and Reggie Bush back on the field.

Eventually defensive coordinator Gregg Williams will realize that the all-out and loaded box blitz is much better than the delay.

Before you know it, the offense will find that spark of old and start lighting up the scoreboard like we know they're capable of. It's the exact same offense from last year so how can they not be capable?

Just sit back and relax for the next week because chances are you're still going to find a lot to get worked up about when the Saints travel to Tampa Bay to play the Buccaneers. It is already no longer time to dwell on the loss to the Cardinals because it won't help the team or your blood pressure any. Take things one day at a time, let's watch how the injuries do this week, and see what the Saints do to correct their mistakes. Let your panic settle back down and keep it tucked away for a while. If the halfway point of the season comes around and the Saints are at .500 or below, then I'd advise you to break out the panic in full form.


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Im not worried, we are the Saints, a top 5 team in the NFL , and can beat anyone. Even GB cant say that because they might have to play us.
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Great post Q.

Thumbs Up!
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Thx Q
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nice post.would make a nice article in the newspaper.You ever thought of being a writer?
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I never looked at it quite this way before. Thanks for giving me a different perspective.
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First things first: It DOES matter when you lose and to whom you lose. A loss is not a loss, college or pro. And losing to one of the NFLs worst teams is certainly worse than losing to one of it's better teams, so we disagree.

Second, I'm not sure why this talk of bandwagon fans keeps coming up. A few weeks ago, when people were beginning to recognize the fact that we had a problem, this nonsense of being a 'bandwagon' fan started again. Fast forward a couple weeks and those of us who were not willing to say "it'll be ok when they turn on the switch" are feeling a little vindication.

The NFL season is short. We are in THIRD place in our division. We're still giving up 20+ points a game and scoring far less than a year ago with essentially the same players. When is it appropriate to panic? Does that happen when we have to start doing the math? If we get it handed to us by the Bucs in a few days we will be at .500 through 6 games. Will it be ok then?

When we get PT and Reggie et all back on the field will we be any better? Of course we hope so, but those guys were on the field early on, and we've been lethargic both with and without them thus far.

Am I in panic mode? No. Am I a 'bandwagon' fan? Nobody is going to call me one in person I can assure you. Is Greg Williams going to have some sort of epiphany that causes him to change what he's been doing for years? Not likely. Is the Red Zone fairy going to light on our sideline handing out loads of free touchdown scoring pixie dust? This ain't never never land.

The best we can hope for - and it's a real possibility - is that this team gets beyond the mindset of 'Superbowl Champions" and starts playing with the realization that nobody is going to lay down for them. The Cardinals sure didn't. It doesn't get any easier. It's gets magnitudes harder.

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