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Drew Brees is most of the problem

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; The curse is legit, 10-24-2010 made me a believer....

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The curse is legit, 10-24-2010 made me a believer.

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I had to register here just comment.

Brees IMO isn't the issue. Like previous posters had stated. No running gaming puts alot more on the QB and all the teams know it.
He had over 55 attemps today... Thats double what he normally does.
I honestly think when Bush and Thomas both come back things will get better.

At this point I'm not to concerned. The Saints are still one of the best in the NFC.
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I referred to this in a another thread and it got deleted..........

Bowens, Browns shock Saints, dreadful Brees - NFL - CBSSports.com Game Recap
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Dont forget about the O-line, they have to give Brees time to throw. We can sit and point fingers all day, but bottom line everyone needs to get better!
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The Saints problem is defense. They are not making the big plays on defense like last year.
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One bright spot. THE TIGHTENDS LOOKED GREAT. That's not a joke. Graham, Shockey, and Thomas all looked good. Moore did his job. One of the announcers said this, and I have to agree. Brees struggles against 3-4 defenses. He always has. For some reason, that base defense, seems to fill the passing lanes, alot faster than the 4-3. I noticed today, that a linebacker, almost every play, stayed put in the middle, to try and bat down his passes. Which it worked, because alot of them were knocked down, or intercepted. I think it's all in his head. And I'm not buying the baby excuse. As I pointed out before, Polomalu had two of his best career games, right before the birth of his son, and right after. Just like you leave everything on the field, you leave your personal life at home.

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Originally Posted by neugey View Post
The curse is legit, 10-24-2010 made me a believer.

Good one. LOL
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This team is looks like the bizarro team of last season. Even when Bush and PT were on the field the Saints were barely scraping by so I don't see how that is going to change the offensive production much.

What I notice today more than anything though is the O line getting blasted on almost every play. That O line is in some serios funk right now. It's hard not to throw a pick with people in your face in 2 seconds. They keep playing like that and Brees is not going to make it through the season.
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Originally Posted by SapperSaint View Post
Reggie being out is the X-factor that is missing.

No, there is no one for him to throw to that is open. When Reggie is in the game, he takes 2-3 defenders out of the play just because they are watching him.
I am so sick and tired of hearing people repeat this dribble. Our offense was crap in the first two games of the season when Reggie was in. We barely beat Minney and SF who have a whopping 1 win between the two of them. Reggie has missed signifigant playing time every season since we have drafted him and we have done fine in the past without him. In fact up until this year we had a better record with him out than when we he was in. I am not saying we are a better team without him, but he single handedly does not make or break this team. Our problems will continue when he is in the lineup if #1 Brees continues to play shakey, 2 or offensive line does not tighten up, and 3 our special teams remain pourus.
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Did anyone else see the IRONY in the fact that Bowen intercepted Brees TWICE today for TD's and he named his kid Bowen this week!?!?!?!?!?

504 - Relax, some fans will NEVER say it like it is ... Admitting faults or weaknesses is too much to bare. Let it go --- Someone will ALWAYS turn a post like this into "us vs. them" BS. You're a fan --- I'm a fan --- We're all fans.
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