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papz 10-14-2010 02:04 PM

ESPN: New Orleans Saints mailbag
By Pat Yasinskas

Caleb in Estelle, La., writes: Do you think the Saints are content to stay with the outside linebackers they have? Do you think they may put out some feelers on the Chargers' Shawn Merriman? Although the chances of it happening have to be small, do you think the Saints are at least a bit interested?

Pat Yasinskas: If thereís one team in the NFC South that might be interested in Merriman, it would be the Saints. Iím not saying theyíll definitely make a move. But, unlike the Panthers and Bucs who are sticking with their youth movements and the Falcons who generally donít make splash moves, I could see the Saints being interested. Theyíve had good luck bringing in veterans who flamed out elsewhere (Jonathan Vilma and Jeremy Shockey come to mind) and their defense could use a boost. Again, Iím not saying this will definitely happen. But I at least see it as a possibility.

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New Orleans Saints mailbag - NFC South Blog - ESPN

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