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DblBogey 10-28-2003 03:58 PM

On the other side . . .
Look what is being posted on the Bucs Board . . .


Their fans have lost hope. Look at the threads from the last few days. They are all about how much they suck and that they are not going to the playoffs and they should fire all of their coaches and QB.

You don't want to go to the Saints board. It is really a downer. Most of the fans on their board have pretty much thrown in the towel for the season. I was just on their board taking a look and it is a sad affair. I didn't even have the heart to post a GO BUCS! over there.

That's b/c they are probably still analyzing their loss to Carolina. It happens after a loss - first couple of days afterwards the conversation is on why they lost and venting. Later tonight or tomorrow the conversation will turn to the Bucs and then you can try to have your football discussion with them.
I wonder what their boards looked like before Dungy and Gruden . . . oh well lets see what they have to say Sunday.

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