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saintsfan200 10-28-2003 03:58 PM

Saints in the playoffs if we go 9-7
Here the saints remaining schedule. With what I have seen recently, we can beat any of our remaining opponents.

Nov. 2 at Tampa Bay Noon
Nov. 9 -- bye --
Nov. 16 ATLANTA Noon
Nov. 22 at Philadelphia Noon
Nov. 30 at Washington 3:05 p.m.
Dec. 7 TAMPA BAY Noon
Dec. 14 NY GIANTS 8:30 pm (ESPN)
Dec. 21 at Jacksonville Noon
Dec. 28 DALLAS Noon

People on this board have been saying we will not go to the playoffs if we go 9-7. The key is we beat the teams that matter, namely(TB, PHI, NYG, DAL).

Unless the two wildcards are both 10-6, we will get in with a 9-7 record if we beat the teams tied with us. (tiebreaker advantage)

--Example--So if Tampa, Philly and the Saints all go 9-7, but we win both of our contest vs. tampa, and our one vs. philly, we would likely go to the playoffs(depends on other divisions, teams).

tweeky 10-28-2003 04:44 PM

Saints in the playoffs if we go 9-7
Exactly. We posted the same thing sort of in the \"Saints in the Playoffs\" post
But it probably swerved off into a Brooks bashing tangent.
Good points I agree. We kinda can control our own destiny, sort of.

tweeky 10-28-2003 07:15 PM

Saints in the playoffs if we go 9-7

Dude the Two wild cards will be 10-6. You can\'t just look at our schedule. Go look at Phil, Giants, TB, Seattle, Rams, Dallas, and the Packers schedules.

I think the Rams or Seattle will finish at 10-6 with one winning the NFC West. That leaves us with a host of teams that will finish at or above 10-6.

Don\'t believe me, go look at thier schedules. 10-6 won\'t cut it.

Saints have 1 game to give with 9 left. The dream is dead brother!
I think one of the wildcards will be 9-7.
All the teams in the race are about at 500. And they all play each other!
The last team in will be 9-7 with a tie-breaker over two other 9-7 teams.
Don\'t jump ship on me yet brother!

tweeky 10-28-2003 08:35 PM

Saints in the playoffs if we go 9-7

Tweeky who are you thinking are going to the playoffs? Whose you wild card teams?I\'ve got the following,
Divison Winners
I looked at the schedules of all and could be wrong. But I seriously doubt either the Buc or Hawks will be 9-7.
Tell me who you\'ve got down.
Seahawks (or Rams)
Philly (or NYG) at 9-7

1- Rams (or Seahawks)
2-4way tie at 9-7...
NYG (or Philly), TB, NO, Dallas
The NFC east has to play the NFC South, each other, and the AFC east. I don\'t see any of those teams getting to 10-6. One maybe, but they will be the division winner.

While I think the 2nd WC will be 9-7, the tough part is the Saints reaching 9-7.
We need to go 6-2 over our next 8. If we go 6-2 we\'ll probably have a tie-break advantage. Every team in the hunt for that last spot has just as many problems and question marks as we do.

Likely? Not really.
Realistically Possible? Absolutely.

WhoDat 10-29-2003 01:27 PM

Saints in the playoffs if we go 9-7
Everyone in this thread is missing the point. The Saints very well may be able to go to the playoffs at 9-7 (although I tend to agree with Gator that 10-6 looks more realistic for the wild card teams). That\'s not the point that needs to be taken into consideration though. THe important thing is that the Saints FIRST have to make it to 9-7 before any tie-breaking concepts come into play. I\'d rate the odds of the Saints going 9-7 (which means 6-2 in their next 8) about the same as I would rate the odds of 08 deciding that he likes Aaron Brooks.

saintfan 10-29-2003 02:51 PM

Saints in the playoffs if we go 9-7
I disagree with you Whodat. The Saints going 6-2 in their next 8 is not impossible, 08 getting over his Delhomme crush is...

...ya can\'t teach an old dog new tricks.

WhoDat 10-29-2003 03:13 PM

Saints in the playoffs if we go 9-7
Sorry Saintfan, I just looked up the odds in Vegas. Here are the lines as published by TeamsTha

Odds of 08 getting over his Delhomme Man-crush:

Odds if the Saints winning six or more of their next eight:

As you can clearly see, 08 has the advantage.

[Edited on 29/10/2003 by WhoDat]

saintfan 10-29-2003 03:23 PM

Saints in the playoffs if we go 9-7
Interestingly that same site had a line on whether you will ever stop drinkin 08er-aid...


and it\'s even less likely that you\'ll ever view anything positively...


Ain\'t that somethin\'. I didn\'t even know that tracked stuff like that. Go figure...

WhoDat 10-29-2003 03:32 PM

Saints in the playoffs if we go 9-7
Alright man. I\'m not going to get into it with you. You\'re obviously in a foul mood today, so...

I\'m drinking 8-er-aid. That\'s funny. So you\'re suggesting that SINCE THE SEASON STARTED this year, I\'ve generally been overly critical of Brooks? That\'s what you\'re saying?

I\'m also obviously a pessimist b/c I usually talk about how the Saints are going to lose. Hhmm. I did a little research and uncovered some interesting results. The Saints HAVE lost more often then they have won. Imagine that! So that means if I simply predicted a loss EVERY week I\'d be batting .625 to your .375. Of course, I did predict every win this season, but also thought that we would beat the Panthers, so I guess that makes me a mere 7 out of 8. Man I am WAY off. Your 10-6 or 11-5 prediction is looking dead on though. Billy\'s 12-4 number looks fantastic.

Excuse me for being a little down on a team that is winning less than 40% of its games. MY bad.

saintfan 10-29-2003 03:47 PM

Saints in the playoffs if we go 9-7
You have every right to be down on this team Whodat. I don\'t blame you...not now...not with the way their playing...

...but riddle me this...

When was the last time you were POSITIVE about this team. Oh, I know you tried to be as positive as possible early on, but it was sorta like the Pope saying the Methodists aren\'t all know what I mean?

When we won the playoff game against the Rams I betcha everybody on this board damn near pee\'d their pants. Some of us actually did ( LOL ) but NOW those same people (the ones that had to buy new underwear at Wal-Mart) pass it off as dumb luck. It\'s just amazing how the wind direction changes people in here so much. All these folk wanna do now is fire people. \"Let\'s Blame the QB\" they say. These people couldn\'t possibly be watching the whole game could they? Dropped passes don\'t count. Losing more than half the defense shouldn\'t matter. We AVERAGED 27 points a game last year and yet people are still screaming for the head of Aaron Brooks? You tell me...what ARE these people thinkin\'? Wanna blame Brooks for the collapse last year? Anyone wanna consider the two dropped touchdown passes he threw? NOPE. It\'s silly, and it\'s insane, and I guess it\'s the reason I wanna spit and cuss sometimes after I\'ve visited this site.

And yeah, I am in a sorta bad mood. It\'s not that I\'m the \"Defender of Billy\", but as I understand it he got booted for something Gator posted. He quoted it because, as I understand it, he took quite a bit of heat for some of his earlier posts. Gator directed his \"language\" at me too, and then had the nerve to pop in here earlier today and post in another thread like nothing happened. I\'m sure I\'ll feel better tomorrow, but right now I\'m a little miffed by the whole thing to tell the truth...

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