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Saint2 10-28-2002 10:39 AM

An Observation
It seems to me that past history between these teams that when the officiating is bad the Falcons win.

I read this morning in my local paper the Sports Writer wrote that there were a Combined Total of 9 Penalties for 77 yds in the 49ers game. I'd like to know how many penalties the Saints have had so for excluding Sundays game. I read where Haz said that this was Crew calls alot of Penalties. (They must do alot of Falcon Games) Hope they are not calling the NO @ ATL Game.

Also, I agree with JoeSam on the Holding Call on Bently on Dueces Run. That was ONE OF THE BEST PANCAKE BLOCKS I CAN REMEMBER AND TO CALL HOLDING ON THAT PLAY IS REDICULOUS. :o In fact, I think the Ref threw the flag after he saw that Duece was going to Score. That Ref needs to go look up the Definition of Holding in the Rules Book because I don't think he knows it.
I saw Worst No Call Holding Penaties on Atlanta that let Micheal "Run for your Life" Vick get away. That's OK, Haz will remedy that for the next time.

Geaux Saints, Get Healthy during the break & Get back on Track against Carolina

[Edited on 28/10/2002 by Saint2]

[Edited on 28/10/2002 by Saint2]

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