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whowatches 10-29-2003 06:03 PM

If you absolutely had to...
... and I'm talkin gun to your head.

What other team could you root for? Why?

I'm thinkin the Titans. I like that they tend to build through the draft. McNair's from Mississippi (so am I). They have a gritty personality, and their coach flies under the radar as one of the longest tenured and most consistent guys in the league.

I also liked to watch the run and shoot when they were the Oilers (ala Moon).

BrooksMustGo 10-29-2003 08:28 PM

If you absolutely had to...
I really enjoy watching Manning and Harrison play, but I don\'t think I\'m really any sort of Indy fan.

I\'d probably go with Houston though. I think David Carr is future HOF material and now that they have a running game, I think we\'ll see good things from Houston in the next season or two.

whowatches 10-29-2003 08:36 PM

If you absolutely had to...
Definitely agree with the Chiefs. I like Vermeil. I like how he motivates his players. I also love the way he calls a game. You rarely see him blow a game by being too conservative late in the game.

I think when it comes to Non-Saints teams, I tend to root for the individual. So guys like Manning, McNair, and even Carr are fun to root for.

Can\'t root for the Bucs anymore because they\'ve got too many punks on their team. If I have to listen to Keyshawn complain about his lack of receptions or Sapp call people slavemasters... I think I\'m gonna puke.

progress 10-29-2003 08:42 PM

If you absolutely had to...
The only way I would root for another team is if the Saints moved from New Orleans. In which case it would have to be the next closest thing to a home team, the Houston Texans.

billybignuts 10-30-2003 06:43 AM

If you absolutely had to...
I would have to say the Titans. Steve McNair is the best player in the game in my opinion. If they had a strong running game they would be unbeatable.

tweeky 10-30-2003 07:06 AM

If you absolutely had to...
I assume you mean if the Saints left New Orleans.
If they left I become a Falcon fan. I live in Mobile and they\'d be the closest team.
I\'m already a Braves and Hawks fan and have family in ATL.
But if and only if the Saints left.

BlackandBlue 10-30-2003 11:30 AM

If you absolutely had to...
I also root for the Texans because-

1) They are an AFC and makes watching AFC games more meaningful
2) I live in Dallas, and they are close enough to root for
3) Their name doesn\'t start with a COWBOYS.

SugarbowlBaby 10-30-2003 01:04 PM

If you absolutely had to...
I could never pull for anyteam that abandoned their fans (Colts, Titans, Ravens, etc.) If it wasn\'t for the Saints I would probably never watch another NFL game. When the league allowed the Browns to move I almost quit watching anyway. The only way you could get season tickets for the Browns was to inherit them, they had probably the highest per game attendance in the league and they left anyway. The NFL could care less about fans. The only reason they put another team in Cleveland is because it makes money there.
For all of Benson\'s faults at least he is loyal to N.O. If he sold the team tomorow they would probably be the L.A. Saints by next year.

rich006 10-30-2003 01:44 PM

If you absolutely had to...
I have to go with the Titans, too, purely because of McNair. That whole team would jump on a grenade for that guy. He\'s got a huge heart, and even better, talent to go with it. Exactly the kind of player you\'d want on your team. Too bad he\'s not a Saint.

deadflatbird 11-02-2003 07:41 AM

If you absolutely had to...
Like rooting for the Saints isn\'t worse than someone putting a gun to your head???

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