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ScottyRo 10-30-2003 09:22 PM

The First Coach Fired?
Rumors about Greg Williams job security have begun to fly and GM Tom Donohoe is really backing his coach.

"Donahoe on Wednesday expressed his faith in Williams, the assistant coaching staff and the Bills' players.

Donahoe would not directly address the question of Williams' job security during an interview after the team's practice.

He would not get into a specific evaluation of Williams or any other members of the organization.

But in the wake of the team's ugly loss to Kansas City on Sunday, Donahoe made it clear he's fully supporting Williams' program. "

If I had to bet right now, I'd say that based on these statements Williams is gone after the season. I get pretty cynical when I hear Gm's and Owners talking about their coaches who are on the hot seat. In fact, when I hear of one of them giving the coach a "vote of confidence" I consider that coach to be on the way out.

This fell a little short of a vote of confidence, perhaps, but "expressing his faith" in Williams is enough of a hint for me. If the Bills miss the playoffs, this guy is gone.

canucksaint 10-31-2003 08:47 AM

The First Coach Fired?
I\'ve been saying this for a while now. the Bill\'s are not happy with him. But they do like the looks of Haz, (old boys club with him being an ex-bill and Ralph Wilsons friend). So I say dump williams, and take Haz of our hands. We\'ll even throw in McCarthy and Venturi as well. Then we can find a real HC.

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