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And we suck again.

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; This loss was all on Drew and ST....

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And we suck again.

This loss was all on Drew and ST.
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You suck maybe... I certainly don't suck. Nor do the Saints! When they get fully healthy again and start kicking everyone's asses, don't come jumping back on the bandwagon then, okay?
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Originally Posted by Saintlyone View Post
This loss was all on Drew and ST.

Mostly true, the only thing you left out was O-line.
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Yes, they sucked today. All the strong points on this team are letting us down. The WRs, O'line and even Drew Brees. Reaslisticly though this is Drew's first bad game in a couple of years. I'm not worried about him. The receivers and O'Line worry me a lot.

Let's see how they respond next week.
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We don't want no fair weather Saints fans anyway. Go ahead and get off the bandwagon right now and never come back again, ok?
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The Browns came to play today and the Saints were looking past them at the Steelers...

They were very well coached and executed on every possible opportunity when they needed to while we were not well coached and failed to execute effectively and consistently on offense all day long...

Drew had a terrible day to boot...

Cleveland got every lucky bounce and every bad call their way today...

The Saints are injured in the backfield on offense and the secondary on defense, but that will improve from now until after the bye week...

I am not too worried about this season overall...

This team will come back and be strong for the long run into the playoffs...

I do believe.
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I believe, however if this is the type if team we are going to be we will be lucky to make it to 8-8. I don't understand what drew was seeing today I mean 7 picks in 2 games, 3 returned for TD's. They need to look at themselves and really think!!! The D is doing their job, the O needs to grow up and do their job!!
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Penalties on all three sides of the ball are killing us. 7 for 98 yards!! No one's mentioning that. Seems like we are receiving a bunch more personal foul calls than last year. 38 yard PI Call. Nicks' illegal us of the hands on 1-10 and THEN PF during the dead ball, now it's 1-35.

Turn overs. Fujita's INT killed a drive deep in the redzone. 2 more went for pick six returns. Bowen scored as many TDs as our offense. We're fumbling the ball entirely too often. We have to hold onto the ball better. I know they can't always be helped by the position the ball is held in when the player is hit, but we need to protect the ball better!

Its the stupid little things that we didn't do last year that are killing us. We're doing the stupid things that let us beat ourselves.

I'm a pilgrim in an unholy land: I'm a SAINTS fan living in DFW and I HATE the Cryboys.
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Originally Posted by realheavyd View Post
You suck maybe... I certainly don't suck. Nor do the Saints! When they get fully healthy again and start kicking everyone's asses, don't come jumping back on the bandwagon then, okay?
Dude we sucked when we were healthy. We Squeaked by two teams that to this day have one win between them when we were healthy and things have not gotten any better. As of week 7, based on our performance so far, we do suck. Bad. This was on Drew. YOu cannot blame this on injuries. The blame falls on the entire team, and they suck. Can they turn it around and not suck? I think so, but until then we most definitely do suck. I am tired of you people calling another poster a bandwaggoner just because they are not looking through rose colored glasses. We have a right to hold this team accountable for its mistakes. We also have the right to state the painfully obvious. Maybe if you cannot see that YOU are the bandwaggoner, maybe if you had been around to watch the saints pre mora, and in the Ditka years you would recognize suckyness when you see it.
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Yes, we are sucking bad and there are a couple of areas (ST, Drew and O-line) that everyone has mentioned where we need help. I'm beginning to believe that something maybe wrong with Drew?
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