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Is this a 13-3 team?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Do we take this butt kicking back to the drawing board humbled and feeling like we aren't as good as we need to be and take it up a notch? Do we finally get the real Drew Brees? the Pissed ...

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Is this a 13-3 team?

Do we take this butt kicking back to the drawing board humbled and feeling like we aren't as good as we need to be and take it up a notch?
Do we finally get the real Drew Brees? the Pissed off Brees of 09? The one that was in players faces? the one that studied plays on the bench when he wasn't in?
Do we get the coaching staff back that for 4 years had the top ranked offense? that for the past year had the most aggressive defense?

Will we put it on Steelers and show we are still that team?
I think so i think we can still make a nice run for a winning record...
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I thought we were done with that type of play when AZ kicked our butts, obviously not. Brees was automatic last year, he's struggling this year. We need to see the real drew brees, cuz we ain't gunna get to 8-8 at this rate. And no we aren't the 13-3 superbowl winning team we were last year, we seem to give teams easy chances and just kill ourselves all the time with turnovers and penalties.
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Short Answer: NO Long Answer: HELL NO!
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No. But we could easily be 10-6 maybe even 11-5 if we get our arses in gear. We've got the talent.
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Are we signing some starting LB's and RB's that I don't know about?

Are our starting CB's coming back?

Is Sharper fully healthy?

Will our o line protect?

Can our special teams get it right?

* If you answered "yes" to all the above, then I think we may go 11-5
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Tape and replay or games, look for the amount of times Brees is under pressure. I think we have been so studied that smart Defensive Co-ordinators can peel us back to our soft spots. Also Bush drew a lot of of double coverage no worries for the linebackers. Drew Brees is a competitor I don't think he likes to lose he knows he is in these battles a few guns short.
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10-6 is possible if we can get our act together. The defense has played pretty well. If the offense wasn't a turnover machine, we'd probably be undefeated at this point. Forget not getting the "big play," forget blowing teams out, and forget everything that happened last year. HOLD ON TO THE BALL! DON'T MAKE STUPID PLAYS! DON'T HAVE STUPID PENALTIES!
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Is this a 13-3 team? Is that the question? Yes, it is...on the moon...
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From what I've seen 8-8 looks realistic.
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I suppose 13-3 is remotely possible, with some luck and a complete turnaround.

I'm just hungry for this team to change ... following last years blueprint to a T just ain't workin'. I wish SP would try some new things even if they fail. Be creative, have some fun. We need to progress.
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