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Conspiracy Theory

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I may to some of you sound completely and utterly crazy but I have a theory about what happened last week. Last year there were times that it seemed as if we were game planning for some teams and not ...

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Conspiracy Theory

I may to some of you sound completely and utterly crazy but I have a theory about what happened last week. Last year there were times that it seemed as if we were game planning for some teams and not for teams that we thought that we should walk through.

Week 3 Buffalo Bills- It was a lack luster performance in which Brees was not very sharp, Buffalo scored on a fake field goal and it was 10-7 at half. The third quarter was scoreless and with 8 mins in the game we put them away with Pt breaking 2 long Td's.

Week 4-New York Jets- We looked great and even though Brees didn't light them up we pretty much did what we wanted on O and D.

Week 5- Bye

Week 6- NY Giants- We absolutely smash the Gmen after having the extra week.

Week 7- Mia Dolphins- We absolutely get smashed in the first half, Drew Brees and the O looks horrible. Have a unbelievable comeback win.

Week 10- Stl- We looked horrible again barely one this game. We also looked horrible in week 9 as we could have lost to Carolina.

Week 11&12- After not doing anything the previous 2 games the next two we blow the doors of Tampa and the Pats by a combined 76-24. We lloked like a different team.

Week 13- We should have lost to the skins if it wasn't for a miracle recovery by Meachum and a botched field goal.

Week 14- We come in to Atlanta and win in a close game.

Week 15- We looked horrible at home against Dallas even though we could have won it at the end.

Then we didn't look good the rest of the season and we were not picked to win and we blow the doors of Arizona.
There is a pattern here. This year we play against a rookie QB and we looked like we had no game plan. Then we absolutely crush the Bucs and looked great doing it. Then we play Cleveland and look like we don't have a gameplan and we play Pitt next week.
Its like we try to wing it against lesser opponents and prepare for the great team we play the next week. It's like we take 2 weeks to prepare for great teams and hope we can win with minimal game planning against horrible teams.
If we go out and handle Pitt I will definitely believe this is true. DOES THIS SOUND CRAZY?
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Yeah but it is always before a big game. Weird. It's like we are game planning for big games during a week that we are playing another team.
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I think that is exactly. But I think even the coaches had something to do with this.
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It's no crazier than getting our ***kers handed to us by the flipping Cards and Browns. ...makes as much sense as anything else I've heard.
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It's called playing down to the competition. We have a real problem on this team with this. I hope they break this pattern.

Losing to teams we should beat, beating teams we shouldn't isn't what I call consistency.
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It's more than a conspiracy, it's a trend. We need to quit serving up 'vanilla' to those lesser teams and thinking a pedestrian game plan will get us by. Need to unload on every team and take full advantage of our opponent ... play each game like it's our last game ever.
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Originally Posted by strato View Post
No. not really..... were a jeckal and hyde team so far...
It's more like Jackle and Hide. We look like a bunch of Hyenas running around.
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Although, as you say, it may sound crazy, there could be some sense in what your suggesting. I still think there is also the mentality of our opponents, whoever they are, that they "must beat the Superbowl Champs at all costs" and so they all "DO" bring their best game, their A game, they watch miles of film of us and produce new and crazy plays and ways to catch us out, etc, etc. eg. Defensive lineman "standing" at the line of scrimmage????? to name but one.

As you say, your theory will be tested when we play the Steelers. If we get thumped by the Steelers then that would send your theory down the pipe, but if we win or even lose, but put in a really great performance, then that could go to proving your point to some degree.

Who knows? I can't even guess anymore which Saints team will turn up for the next game but i hope its the one we all got used to last year, the team that played with precision and pride and made "most" teams think that "What the hell happened there, we were blown away by the black and gold", I hope we never have to play against the Saints again.

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Our consistency =
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Originally Posted by Halo View Post
It's called playing down to the competition.
Exactly! Neugey siad it: We should be unloading on these weak teams. Then getting our 2nd and 3rd tier players some work in the 4th quarter. Payton has to get these guys up and ready to play, good team or not. Win by 10 against the good teams and by 30 against the scrubs. The switch has to ALWAYS be on. I say go no huddle whenever the offense gets into a funk. Never turn it off.
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