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LBCutta 10-26-2010 04:07 AM

Brees vs. 3-4 defense
I have noticed since the Brees-Payton era that we have struggled offensively against the 3-4 defensive scheme. And this year is no different. The games we have won in previous years against 3-4 were close. And others we lost. Is it that we dont gameplan well for 3-4 or Drew has trouble reading the defense? We quite a few games against the 3-4 left and I'm not sure we have a bonifide answer for it yet......

saintsfan1976 10-26-2010 06:59 AM

No one seemed to eager to discuss it Monday... Let's hope there's more input today.

dizzle88 10-26-2010 07:29 AM

It was also the case last year vs dolphins in week 6, Brees turned the ball over about 4 times, 3 picks and 1 fumble. The only difference to that game is - WE HAD A BIT OF FIRE AND HUNGER, AND WE WANTED TO GET BACK AND WIN! and thats exactly what we did. All these reports say that the players aren't lacking effort, its obvious from our point of view that they are. Even when we got down 24-3 in the first half of the miami game, players were still flying around, brees was still throwing lasers and we stopped shooting ourselves in the foot.
In this game it seemed as though, okay were down 20-3 or 20-10, our defense is putting everything on the line to help us, i'll tell you what, lets just throw the game and go home. thats what frustrates me the most!!
Payton needs to get his act together, you never see peyton manning say "Oh they ran a 3-4 defense and over my hall of fame career, i've been notoriously bad against those defenses."
Thats my frustration from the game unleashed now lol feel alot better

LBCutta 10-26-2010 01:23 PM


Originally Posted by saintsfan1976 (Post 257352)
No one seemed to eager to discuss it Monday... Let's hope there's more input today.

my bad man, I didn't catch the thread!

They key to being effective against the 3-4 is to run the ball! when you pass 50-60 times the linebackers go into coverage and seem like 8 defensive backs against 4 or 5 receivers. Run heavy against the 3-4 and a couple of those linebackers will play up and you can mix in some play action in there and get mismatches. But Pass Happy Payton refuse to do that.

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