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BrooksMustGo 11-02-2003 03:19 PM

Venturi for Head Coach!
The Saints defense played like they were 10 feet tall today.
Venturi deserves his shot to lead this team.

I'd pay real money for T-Sucky to learn how to tackle people and not just hit them though.

deadflatbird 11-02-2003 03:21 PM

Venturi for Head Coach!
Hasslett\'s Defensive plan... not Venturi\'s.

billybignuts 11-02-2003 03:23 PM

Venturi for Head Coach!
Man, I think we need to have you drug tested. T-Sucky stepped up with some major tackles in the flat today. GO SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

saint5221 11-02-2003 03:30 PM

Venturi for Head Coach!
BMG I don\'t know if I\'d go as far as Venturi to the top, but that was a strong preformance by the D today. The Bucs did there part to help, but the Saints made them look like the flat team they were today. BIG WIN and hopefully a sign of things to come.
The pressure on Johnson was a sight to behold and the secondary held up there end as well. Grant was a monster, when Howard returns he will look even better. Whitehead had a solid game as well, wqas very proud of the D-line as a whole today.

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DblBogey 11-02-2003 05:02 PM

Venturi for Head Coach!
I don\'t know if I could contribute this win to any one person in the org. I think it was what I have thought all along. They played as a team--they had that cohessiveness. I think they finally believed in theirselves. Geaux Saints give em hell for the last half!

WhoDat 11-02-2003 05:48 PM

Venturi for Head Coach!
Not to take anything away from the great play today, but it is still a bit troubling for me to see our D get shredded in hurry-up situations. That could haunt us down the road. It certainly did last week.

pakowitz 11-02-2003 08:58 PM

Venturi for Head Coach!
brooksmustgo, you should be shot on sight for comments like that

DomeFoam 11-02-2003 11:38 PM

Venturi for Head Coach!

I want to hear what you have to say after our next loss. But this was the best game our D has played all year. I thought Ashley Ambrose was washed up, but I guess I was wrong.

lumm0x 11-03-2003 12:46 AM

Venturi for Head Coach!
As much a Tebucky has been invisible this year he did one thing we haven\'t done in three years today:

He stopped a screen to Pittman for a loss. First tackle I\'ve seen him make all year.

BrooksMustGo 11-03-2003 08:53 AM

Venturi for Head Coach!
The play T-Sucky missed that really chapped me was the pass to Yoder. Rather than actually tackle Yoder, T-Suck bumps into him and lets him get another 15 yards.

Tackle, don\'t just hit.

Rick Venturi, Saints head coach, 2004. Venturi is just the guy to take us to next years NFC championship game.

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