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rich006 11-03-2003 09:31 PM

Aaron Brooks is Mr. Clutch
Not to rain on your parade, but how many of those drives wouldn\'t have been necessary if he\'d played better earlier in the game? If he\'s Mr. Clutch, I\'d like to see him stay engaged a little longer. We all know he\'s capable of near miraculous performances, but we\'re not going to see a Saints team go all the way unless he can start keeping that level of performance up for 2-3 more drives per game than he has been doing. I\'m not asking for perfection every time, just a LITTLE more consistency. Hopefully Haslett is right and Brooks will develop that. Then, and only then, we will see the Saints playing late into January one of these years.

saintz08 11-04-2003 12:08 AM

Aaron Brooks is Mr. Clutch
Didn\'t Jake Plummer have this title in Arizona ??

deadflatbird 11-04-2003 07:22 AM

Aaron Brooks is Mr. Clutch
I like Brooks and think he is our man... but not Mr. Clutch. I also agree he had a not so god game and if he had a better game it would have been a blow out.

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