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Saintswrath 11-17-2010 07:29 PM

This is the Saints offense
I've always been fascinated by Payton's offense, from Dallas to New Orleans, looking for the keys to how offenses can be so prolific. Of course the QB makes all the difference, but we've seen some known, great QBs render quite different results in different systems.

McDaniels with Brady spread the field horizontally and vertically. He had the deep threat and the YAC possession receiver to bring the spread to the NFL in a historic way. Brady's been great, before and since, and not just with differing personnel, but different systems.

Moore with Manning used the most peerless quarterbacking skills ever to base an offense off running the same personnel and formation over and over and giving the QB the latitude to call plays and routes dynamically according to what the defense does, and capitalize through superior execution. The QB is among the best ever, but the Colts offense is far from "it works because the QB is good." It's very unique.

Payton is in some ways similar. The biggest key to his offense has been establishing a platform where the QB can decide, execute and capitalize. He gives Brees options. It looks and feels complicated but in some ways the Colts and Saints offenses are a lot more simple than the typical NFL offense.

This is the Saints offense - Field Gulls

UK_WhoDat 11-20-2010 01:09 PM

Nice write up 'Wrath.

And yet the Saints offense needs the multi-faceted Bush to be really dynamic.

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