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ThePosterFormerlyKnownAs- 11-06-2003 07:42 AM

Grady a no show in Green Bay


GREEN BAY, Wis. -- A man's reputation usually precedes him, and that certainly was the case Wednesday in Green Bay, where the Packers eagerly awaited the arrival of massive defensive tackle Grady Jackson.

"I know he's a very, very large man," center Mike Flanagan said, recalling last season, when the Packers hand their hands full with Jackson and Norman Hand in a loss at New Orleans.

Jackson is even bigger than Flanagan remembered, too. He's said to be pushing 370 pounds on his 6-foot-2 frame, about 30 more than a year ago.

The Packers signed the talented but troubled lineman late Tuesday after he was cut by the Saints, who were unhappy with his weight and his attitude.

But Jackson didn't arrive in Green Bay early enough to practice or attend meetings, leaving his coaches and teammates to speculate on his weight, health and desire but especially the impact he'll have on their season.
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BlackandBlue 11-06-2003 07:46 AM

Grady a no show in Green Bay
Good to see that Hawthorne is still running his mouth. :mad:

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