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dberce1 11-06-2003 06:24 PM

Aaron's Extra Weight
How can Aaron Brooks be expected to play, with all the weight of negative Saints fans on his back??? Saints lose, blame Aaron. Offense not clickin, blame Aaron. Receiver drops a ball, blame Aaron. Saints win?, congratulate Deuce. No credit. Aaron is still young, and still developing. He has the potential to be an excellent quarterback. Not to mention, he's having the most efficient season of his young career. He's not the hard nosed field general of a Favre, but who is? All of the idiots keep saying what a mistake it was to let Jake go, "jake was the better qb". Reality check. I have a stronger arm than Delhomme. He is a smart, able QB, but doesn't have half the skill as Brooks. Give the man a chance.

whowatches 11-06-2003 07:12 PM

Aaron's Extra Weight

You\'ve already been allowed back into the forum. No need to create a new alias. ;)

WhoDat 11-06-2003 07:39 PM

Aaron's Extra Weight
LOL! Tru dat.

(Nice signature WW). You want in to the clan? So far it\'s just me. Considering it is the WHO-Tang Clan, you\'d be perfect. You just have to make an oath not to let everyone know that Saintfan is truly a silent partner. Sssshhh...

whowatches 11-06-2003 07:55 PM

Aaron's Extra Weight

You want in to the clan?
I\'m all about it!

Free drinks, right?

dberce1 11-06-2003 08:03 PM

Aaron's Extra Weight
what in the hell are yall talkin about???? who is billy?
and hell yea i want in the clan, if it\'s a saints clan!!!
i\'m new to the site, let a brotha in!!!

darryl from LSU

whowatches 11-06-2003 10:03 PM

Aaron's Extra Weight
Glad to have you here, db. Don\'t accept any liquids from strangers.

How do you feel about the Tigers chances coming off a bye week against Eli and the Rebs?

What if they (Ole Miss) mess around and beat Aubrun (intentional, WhoDat)? I think November 15 could be a heckuva game.

whowatches 11-06-2003 10:06 PM

Aaron's Extra Weight
ps. I agree that AB gets quite a bit of grief, but he also makes quite a bit of cash. As long as he\'s cashin\' that check, he needs to show some championship starved fans some consistency. Deuce gets the love because he does just that.

saintz08 11-06-2003 10:30 PM

Aaron's Extra Weight
Welcome dberce1 ,

You have a point well taken , although you should consider how much worse fans are on their quarterbacks in the New York area . Cannot even imagine what they have said about Mc Nabb in the Philadelphia area .Yes , fans can be a little critical . Billy is a poster here and he gets confused sometimes with Brooks P.R. agent .Keep coming around and you will meet up with him .

ThePosterFormerlyKnownAs- 11-07-2003 06:33 AM

Aaron's Extra Weight
Welcome dberce1. I agree with you on Brooks. I see the guys are being nice to you now. Don\'t buy into it. ;) It\'s all part of the plan to get you to drink the Who Tang. Take one drink of the tang and you will find yourself watching Carlonia Panthers games. I think they all meet up at saintz08 house to watch Jake and the Panthers. Welcome aboard

tweeky 11-07-2003 06:54 AM

Aaron's Extra Weight
I think its a minority of fans on his back. The vast majority of Saints fan like the guy a lot.
But sometimes a vocal minority can label an entire fanbase.

Like when a dozen people throw stuff on the field and everyone says, \"Those Gator fans are classless.\"

I\'d say its 80/20 in his camp.

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