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Shannon Sharp Just Said...

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Shannon Sharpe is a wise man....

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Shannon Sharpe is a wise man.
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And now back to you Shannon -

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Thanks for reminding me why I use the mute button.

I don't listen to talking buttheads. That guy looks remarkably like a horse.
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Originally Posted by Saintswrath View Post
Thanks for translating what he said, i never could understand what bops out of his face, dude just say's a bunch of stuff just to hear himself on tv and get a check.. nothing he ever say's ever have any reason or rhyme he just say's stuff to keep dead air out, i'd rather listen to dead air.

Join this Facebook group, you'll see there is a lot of people that really have no understanding of what language this guy speaks..

Links on "WHAT THE **** IS SHANNON SHARPE SAYING?" | Facebook
This is awesome!!
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Shannon Sharpe doesn't even speak English, he's irrelevant.
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STERLING Sharpe on the other hand, say's, nobody's talkin about the Saints, but they're poised to go all the way (or something like that) and Kurt Warner say's "they're getting their swagger back" shhhhhhhhhfffft. (the sound of movin on to another subject.) It's ok. We won on Thanksgiving day!
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Shannon Sharpe reminds me of mush mouth, from Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. When he starts stuttering, he sounds even worse. Someone should kidnap him, Irvin, and Sanders, and leave them on a deserted island somewhere, so they can all kill each other, trying to figure out which one is the bigger jackass.
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For those of you who do Facebook...

Warning there is inappropriate language on this site

Welcome to Facebook

I generally don't like to laugh at people with speech impediments, but he gets what he gets because he is very mean-spirited and arrogant; And it sure is funny because of that context...
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Originally Posted by SupaSaint77 View Post
Shannon Sharpe is a dumb ass
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