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SaintStoneyMount 10-29-2002 04:35 PM

Could Deuce be the Saints Best RB
Anybody know how many passing yards Rogers had that year. Deuce is so multifunctional. He is incredible. Man, I just keep seeing that last run on Sunday. Ricky was supposed to be the franchise back. NOT!! Deuce is the man. I don\'t think we ever had a back as good as Deuce. Barring injury, he will break that record and if he stays healthy he will eclipse a whole lot of really good running backs.

JOESAM2002 10-29-2002 07:06 PM

Could Deuce be the Saints Best RB
Not sure about the passing yards. But I too keep seeing the last touchdown by Deuce. That man is dangerous. George Rogers was a great back, but lets not forget a couple of others that donned the Black and gold. The 2 guys i\'m about to mention may not have records with the club but I don\'t think you can discount their contribution to the team. There once was a back named Chuck Muncie that turned out to be pretty good. The other was a man named Earl Campbell, yea he got here at the last of his career but he gave this team many moments to remember. Then last but not least a young man from Louisiana named Hokie Gajan. Check out this guys per carry average. He\'s not to bad as a fisherman either. So i guess i\'m saying I can\'t make a judgement like that just yet. I\'d rather say he\'s just another in a line of great backs in the Black and Gold.

SaintStoneyMount 10-30-2002 01:11 PM

Could Deuce be the Saints Best RB
CHUCK MUNCIE!!! Absolutely. Great back. Yeah we got Earl way too late. Hokie Gajan was the man. I used to love to watch him run. JoeSam your bringing tears to me eyes. Hold on while I load up my Saints fight song. You are right about the jury still being out. But, if Deuce stays healty, he is going to out distance these guys. Of course that is a big if for a running back in the NFL. But Deuce has all the tools to be great and the heart as well. Hey where does Ricky T-REX(reference little hands big body) rank on your list? He did have a couple of 1000 yard seasons.

SaintStoneyMount 10-30-2002 01:24 PM

Could Deuce be the Saints Best RB

George Rogers had 126 passing yards in his record rushing year, according to the site linked above. Anybody who wants to look up past stats should check this site out. Deuce has 234 thus far. But I don\'t think the Saints offense was geared to get the ball to the back on receiving downs back then.

Halo 10-30-2002 02:24 PM

Could Deuce be the Saints Best RB
Rogers was like Ricky although I thought he was better. The only think about George was he used to turn his back to the line and fall into the pile. Deuce is the best overall back we have had. :cool: Dalton Hilliard was actually a great versatile back. He could run, catch and PASS! if you could remember. Anyone remember his pass percentage and how many TD\'s he threw for?

Rueben Mays was a great back who could run and catch also. Anyone have some stats on him?

JOESAM2002 10-30-2002 07:07 PM

Could Deuce be the Saints Best RB
Sorry SSM I hate to see a grown man cry lol. Halo brought up a name that we don\'t think of much any more. Dalton Hilliard, this guy was good too. He reminded me of a water bug, just try to catch him, one minute he\'s here next he\'s there. Great moves. The only reason i didn\'t mention Rueben Mays was he stayed hurt so much. However he was good when he was healthy. As for our man Deuce, this man DOES DEFINITLY have the potential to be the best. I just pray he stays healthy. Agian I go back to the touchdown last Sunday, WOW, the man has desire. You cant\'t coach that. :D

SaintStoneyMount 10-30-2002 10:13 PM

Could Deuce be the Saints Best RB
Alright Gatorman you got it. That phrase doesn\'t come from me anymore. We have had some good running backs. Dalton and Rueben were good ones as well. And JoeSam your are 100% correct you can\'t coach what Deuce has. The thing that got me on \"the run\" was that I didn\'t realize he had that kind of power. It really is deceptive. That was a great run. I would like to have that on a avi. file. It really got me juiced. Awesome.. I can\'t wait to see him tear through some of the weaker defenses during the second half of the season.

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