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JOESAM2002 11-09-2003 10:03 AM

Fantasy Football 11/09/03.....
Pity the poor fool that has to play me today! I will own you with my eyes! LMAO :o

whowatches 11-09-2003 10:24 AM

Fantasy Football 11/09/03.....
I sacrificied my butt to the whoopin\' gods seven weeks ago.

Games through week two: 2-0

Games starting week three: 0-7

I feel like the friggin Bengals. At least I\'ll get a high draft pick next seaon... thinking about that kid outta Ole Miss.

I\'m not quittin... just got my squad ready for another session of anal love. I think we\'re makin whoopee with the ScottyRos this week.

[Edited on 11/9/2003 by Halo]

nocloning 11-09-2003 11:38 AM

Fantasy Football 11/09/03.....
No no, whowatches, I simply stole your mojo.
Weeks 1+2: 0-2
Weeks 3-8: 6-0

But somebody stole it from me as well (maybe that\'s why Joe is so confident today - or maybe it\'s that I traded Kerry Collins to him and he plays against the Falcons today).
Week 9: Loss

whowatches 11-09-2003 11:53 AM

Fantasy Football 11/09/03.....
My killer trade at the beginning of the season:

I trade P. Holmes, R. Gannon and J. Galloway for

M.Vick (I thought he\'d be back by now), C.Dillon and I. Bruce

I just knew Priest wouldn\'t be 100% this year... Bruce was gonna catch 12 TDs from Warner... Vick would come back week six and lead the nasty fowls to the Promise Land.
At least I got rid of Gannon before he deflated.

clone, can I just get a pinch o\' mojo for this week? I\'m startin Jake against the Bucs. No, I\'m not hittin the 8er-Aid... my other qb option is Maddox. :casstet:

[Edited on 9/11/2003 by whowatches]

pakowitz 11-09-2003 12:09 PM

Fantasy Football 11/09/03.....
and i was the recipient of that wonderful trade.... thanks a million whowatches... my teams in 1st!!!!!!! woooo

whowatches 11-09-2003 01:51 PM

Fantasy Football 11/09/03.....
Yeah, I don\'t remember even getting a kiss... :P

Musta used your jedi powers...

WhoDat 11-09-2003 07:23 PM

Fantasy Football 11/09/03.....
I\'m on the comeback trail who. Let them start counting their chickens. Sir Joe will not have the last laugh! ;)

WhoDat 11-09-2003 07:28 PM

Fantasy Football 11/09/03.....
PS - Hey Joe, aren\'t you also the owner of the lowly 1-8 Smokin Joe team?

JOESAM2002 11-09-2003 09:11 PM

Fantasy Football 11/09/03.....
Sorry WhoDat, that ain\'t me. I am the Bayou somethingorothers. Can\'t remember which team is which LoL. Senile I guess. ;)

nocloning 11-16-2003 06:36 PM

Fantasy Football 11/09/03.....
You just gotta love it when you play the number 1 team and your TE outscores your opponents TE plus all three WRs combined. Go, Mister Ed!

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