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papz 12-06-2010 07:43 AM

Saints-Bengals Postgame Quotes
Cincinnati Bengals vs. New Orleans Saints

Sunday, Dec. 5, 2010

at Paul Brown Stadium

Saints postgame quotes


Head coach

Initial comments ...

“First off, I thought we battled today and we were fortunate to pull that one out. There were some good things that we did today, yet there were also some things that could cost us in the end. We have to do a better job of coaching. We have to do a better job of executing. We get caught with an extra man on the field in a critical situation, and it almost cost us the game today. It starts with me and our preparation. I was proud that we hung in there, and despite falling behind, we battled back and showed great effort. We still had way too many penalties today, totaling 10 penalties for 100 yards. It was awful. We were fortunate to get the win, and we’ll just go from there.”

What happened on the fourth-and-two play on your last drive?

“It’s really a no-brainer freeze. We were trying to draw them offside. If they move substantially, then we can react. This happened a few weeks ago. The only difference was it wasn’t just a no-brainer freeze. If we felt there was a clear movement, then the worst thing that could have happened is we move back five yards and kick the field goal. Drew Brees did a great job with the snap count and tried to create the illusion we were going for it, when really we’re just going to let the time run out. I wasn’t going to take a timeout, but I was comfortable backing up five yards from there.”

Full article below...

Saints-Bengals Postgame Quotes

Personally it's good to hear we were going to kick a field goal there. I was thinking to myself no matter how big your balls are, you got to take three and move it to overtime. Great job by Drew getting that guy offsides.

Speedy Ron 12-07-2010 08:17 AM

Saints Post game quotes
Saints-Bengals Postgame Quotes

down at the bottom they interview Jahri about the 4 down offsides play. good play by Nicks IMO

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