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alleycat_126 12-12-2010 07:16 AM

Pocket Aces!
What tricks do you think are sitting in front of coach Peyton that he has yet to unleash and is just weighting for the right time in the season or playoffs to do.

First one am starting to see is Jimmy Graham number 80 is 6-6 with size and he's gonna kill it in the playoffs. Think Peyton is giddy when he knows he can conceal that until he needs it.

Chris Ivory can catch!! I think this you won't see this until playoff time. Remember back in the preseason Ivory caught what seem to be a ball just past the flat, and took it like 73 yards. Then it was never tried again. I think Peyton is gonna use that again at some point this season but I don't think you will see it until the playoffs

dizzle88 12-12-2010 07:27 AM

Yer I agree with the points made, Coach Payton has started to call on Jimmy Graham a whole lot more in the past couple of weeks, thats a testament to how much trust both Coach Payton and Brees have in the young rookie to be a solid part of our passing attack.

Yeah Ivory can catch, he did it in preseason, he did vs the bucs on the flat pass, He'll get another pass eventually as you said Maybe coach payton is fooling the other teams into thinking that Ivory is only in when we want to run it, then fire out a pass to him in the flats.

I gotta say though, I like what we have in JJ, hes not really in his prime, but hes a solid addition to the team that brings some versatile playmaking ability. He can go between the tackles and he catches real well, he also does a good job blocking for brees.

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