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papz 12-13-2010 08:48 AM

Saints-Rams Postgame Quotes
Coaches & players recap Saints' 31-13 win
St. Louis Rams vs. New Orleans Saints ● Sunday, December 12, 2010


“Just a few notes on injuries: Chris Ivory had a hamstring that just wasn’t getting any looser. He felt like it was troubling him early in that first half so we held him out. Outside of that I think we came out of it pretty good. Of course with Courtney (Roby) the news early on was real positive. All of his movements and all those things they test for early on were good. That is a good thing.”

“It was a good win. It wasn’t always perfect, but it was a good team we played. We are pleased to get the win and now we get ready for another tough opponent.”

(on St. Louis having chances to get back in the game, but the Saints able to hold them out) “It was good. The turnover by Malcolm (Jenkins) was a big play. When we turn the ball over on a kick return, there is a swing there potentially 14, 10 points or if they are going to get a field goal or a touchdown. I think it began with that play.”

(on what was not pretty) “There are still some things that you want to work on. I thought we had some early momentum and all of the sudden there are a couple of turnovers and halftime may be a lot closer if it weren’t for the interception. We’ll just keep working on those aspects of the game. That is a good team we played. They are a lot better than the team we saw a year ago. Those guys have done a good job so I was pleased with us being able to get that win. That was an important game.”

(on running backs) “We didn’t have Chris (Ivory) so it ended up being just Pierre (Thomas) and Reggie (Bush). Those two guys did a good job, both of them. In Pierre’s first game back you don’t know how many carries you want to give him. He handled what he got real well, both in the run and the passing game. With Chris’ absence shortly after the first quarter it changed the dynamic. Fortunately, we are getting healthy at a good time. Each week we just have to pay attention to the plan and who we are playing and how we want to utilize not only the running backs, but the other players that are healthy. It’s the first time in awhile we had almost a full, healthy inactive list. We had guys that were able to play but were just inactive and normally that is not the case.”

(on Brees’ INTs) “One came on third and long and it ended up being a lot like a punt. I think the interception that would frustrate Drew (Brees) I’m sure was the first one where they rotated in coverage and he was working to (Marques) Colston. He is playing at a high level right now and operating very efficiently, not only in third down. I thought we had some aggressive shot plays and he located the ball well. We’ll pay attention to it and look at it and really try to look at it no different than a potential holding call on Jahri (Evans) and really look at it for what it is. He (Brees) has really played well here this stretch with us running the ball better and playing well on defense.”

(on Sam Bradford) “When you watch him play he doesn’t play like a first-year player. They have done a real good job; Sam (Bradford) has done a real good job. He is playing within their scheme and he is a guy that throws on rhythm. We thought the pass for us was going to be significant in regards to a battle for both teams. This is a team that is number four or five in the league defensively in sacks. We felt like that number was going to be a number much like the turnover number that we needed to emphasize. In other words, us being able to pressure him and get hits on the quarterback, and then us being able to protect (Drew) Brees. I thought we did a pretty good job with that. I thought that was a number that had a lot to do with the third down conversions. He (Sam Bradford) is having a very good season as a young player. He shows you all the things you would want and hope for as an organization with your first round pick.”

St. Louis Rams vs. New Orleans Saints

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Saints-Rams Postgame Quotes

dizzle88 12-13-2010 08:59 AM

Malcolm gets 2 Game MVP's in 3 weeks,

one for the "Turkey Day Takeaway"
Then the 2 picks of Bradford, especially the first one going back 96 yards, the dude is a stud!!

UK_WhoDat 12-13-2010 11:22 AM


Originally Posted by dizzle88 (Post 269402)
Malcolm gets 2 Game MVP's in 3 weeks,

one for the "Turkey Day Takeaway"
Then the 2 picks of Bradford, especially the first one going back 96 yards, the dude is a stud!!

Yep! Arguably he is the game changer in both games.

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