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Optimistic look at the Saints.........

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; 1. Donte\' Stallworth. 2. Jerome Peython 3. Michael Lewis (return game) 4. Dale Carter 5. Secrick Hodge 6. Darren Howard 7. Tebucky Jones Solid list , everyone on it was supposed to be a impact player for us and has\'nt ...

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Optimistic look at the Saints.........

1. Donte\' Stallworth.
2. Jerome Peython
3. Michael Lewis (return game)
4. Dale Carter
5. Secrick Hodge
6. Darren Howard
7. Tebucky Jones
Solid list , everyone on it was supposed to be a impact player for us and has\'nt gotten it done. I would add Sullivan to the list of players we will need to see do better but he has been improving so I find no falt there, we knew he would take time.

I\'m not worried about Howard he was playing very well before he got hurt. It may take him a little time to get back to football shape but he should be there.

Hodge is still a question mark, never have seeen much from him, but he was comming on before the injury. If he could show some instinct with his size and athleticsm he could help our LB corps tremendously.
Carter has shown flashes but his age worries me, and the injuries are starting to pile up.

Tebucky is the one I have the least confidence in. His play has been no where near the level it should be and was touted to be. Although I know from preseason disscussions we differ on this point Billy I didn\'t have as much confidence in him then and I have even less now.

Stallworth and Paython are the toughest to figure out. I have no Idea what happened to Paython. He is usually a pretty consistant player, one can only hope his invisibility is tempory. Stallworth\'s injuries as maddening as they have been are only part of the frustration that surrounds his production this season. The drops have mounted to a epidemic level. The upside is it can hardly get worse for them, I guess.

Production out of that group would add a tremendous boost when added to the continued level of play of everyone else.

I still worry about the ability of the team as a whole to play together and not make the mistakes that have killed us. Dropped passes on key downs, penalities, missed assignments, missed blocks and tackles, errant throws, poor game planning and play calling, the mistakes have come from everyone and everywhere. Its is getting better I just hope it gets good enought, fast enough, and with our margin for error reduced to one game maybe none time is a luxury we don\'t have.

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Optimistic look at the Saints.........

WOW. I agree totally with Billy. Mark it down, this may be a first.

The thing that scares me is this: the New Orleans Saints, in recent history, have played very poorly down the stretch when the playoffs are on the line. I don\'t know if the pressure gets to them, or if they lose focus or what, but it\'s happened two years in a row now. Additionally, the Saints haven\'t had a major letdown game this year. That\'s a first in my memory, and it\'s scary. We\'ve lost to good teams that could have beaten us even if we were playing well. We haven\'t had losses to the 3-11 teams yet. If we lose to Atlanta, or Jacksonville, or Washington, that could spell disaster for us.

Can the Saints get on a roll and go 7-0 to end the season? Undoubtedly. I think 2 losses may be realistic, simply because it is very hard to string along that many consecutive wins in the NFL, and Philly, Dallas, Tampa, and the Giants amount to tough games for us. Saying we\'ll split is fairly realistic in my mind - although we definitely will have the ability to win them all. I hope we can win out, b/c I\'m not sure 9-7 gets us there. Still, I\'d say we control our own destiny about as much as can be expected right now given the start to our season.

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