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pakowitz 11-16-2003 09:36 AM

The Latest "Ask Mike"
By Mike Detillier - Draft Analyst - 8:58 pm CST

Mike D. has owned and operated his own private scouting service since 1986. He has also published his "M&D Draft Report " since 86. Mike's private scouting service and comments on the college and professional game have landed him regular appearances on radio and television stations across the country.

Name: Tom
Handle: Cha-Ching
From: Lafayette
Hey Mike, really appreciate the insight you bring to, a little piece of unmatched lagniappe that makes it the best NFL site on the web.

My question is about Loomis. I know he's not a "football guy" and more of a bean-counter, but he defiantly claims that the buck stops with him. I have two issues with him: First, he defends the Saints drafting of Stinchcomb, a guy whose uniform hasn't even gotten dirty, yet claims that available players at that position (Hamlin, Doss, and Henderson, among others) couldn't beat out the Saints starters.

Am I missing something here? Stinchcomb can't make the active roster!

Is this front office spin or is there really some potential there. Seems to me this team had too many glaring needs to draft a project in the second, especially one that we traded up to get.

Second, and probably the most disturbing, is when things were falling apart, he refused to take live calls on WWL, opting for them to screen them so he could talk without second guessing. This is not leadership.

How much of Benson's ear does this guy have? Is his job safe over Haslett's if the Saints don't get the job done this year. Thanks for the insight!

From: Mike Detillier
To: Cha-Ching
Date: 11/13/03

Cha-Ching, I appreciate the kind words. Thanks a lot..

On Jon Stinchcomb at the time of the draft I really felt as though they should have taken Safety Mike Doss from Ohio State.......

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