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Enough is enough

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Yeah, I agree, but I can\'t be going there. If ya know what I mean -- :P...

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Old 11-18-2003, 03:40 PM   #31
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Enough is enough

Yeah, I agree, but I can\'t be going there. If ya know what I mean -- :P
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Enough is enough

He called Brooks \"some half-wit loser\" as I recall and then forgot how to add. Then he got his feelings hurt. Oh well. I didn\'t call HIM a half-wit loser whether I believe he is or not. He posted his opinion and I posted mine. That\'s what we\'re here for right?

Like BandB said, does this mean he\'s gonna take his ball and go home now? I rekon we can keep the game going.
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Enough is enough

Jude was talking to the both of us, I believe. He over reacted. He\'s obviously read about the \"not discourging new members from posting\" topic and wanted to make a point. It was a little over the top, IMO. Oh well......
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Enough is enough

The win in the end did make it too easy to forget the two picks within the 30. That was the worst feeling.

I\'m still with Brooks and think he\'s a talented QB. They pulled out the win and hopefully they\'ll move on to another next weekend.

If they land an L on Philly it will make my season.
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Enough is enough

Well guys we all we see just how good AB can be without CORNHOLE
ROFL, THAT\'S going in the sig, somewhere.

I agree, although I would be hard pressed to call McNair a \"running\" QB. Maybe 5 years ago, but he doesn\'t need to anymore, he\'s just that good.
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Old 11-23-2003, 03:00 PM   #36
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Enough is enough

I can\'t stand whiney little girl fans like half the people on this site. Aaron Brooks threw a couple of bad picks. Wow, at least no one else in the NFL throws picks. All other QBs are perfect. Dan Marino never threw interceptions, nor do Favre, or Culpepper for that reason. All the posters on this site are perfect too.
Yeh, you\'re right :exclam:
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Enough is enough

I can\'t wait for the usual suspects to blow smoke about how Brooks had nothing to do with losing this game. Forget the fumbles, how many QBs do you know that call an audible and then take a sack. If this moron had a brain he\'d still be dumber than a stump. The Saints should have signed him to an incentive-laden contract, a very simple one: he should get paid when the Saints win and not when they don\'t. Then he could prove whether or not he\'s one of the top 5 QBs in the league because ever since he made that silly statement , he\'s gone on to prove he isn\'t.

This past week he stated he ran more (and, strangely was more successful) during the year he took over for Jeff Blake because he didn\'t know the offense that well. Now he supposedly knows the offense and he stinks. Someone oughtta arrest him for larceny because he\'s stealing money from the Saints\' organization. They\'re paying Todd Bouman a million bucks this year so they might as well play him. They should bench Brooks (so he doesn\'t get hurt) and then next year hope they can find some team stupid enough (like some folks frequenting this website) to take him off their hands. Since he\'s making big money that\'s probably not likely but, because we\'re Saints fans, if we ain\'t got hope, we ain\'t got nothin\'.

By the way...for some of you insistant on defending Brooks be aware that in doing so, you simply prove you are as ignorant about football as he is. For example, why would a QB worry about an INT on a two-point conversion? Only an idiot would...which explains why Brooks did.

Situational awareness? Even if this guy could spell that term he wouldn\'t have the faintest idea what it means. Passing statistics are great only if a team wins. The Saints do not necessarily win with Brooks at the helm (look at their record with him as a starter) and the sooner Haslett figures that out the more likely he is to keep his job. Otherwise he\'s a goner...and rightfully so.
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Enough is enough

Great post Blake. Unfortunately, I have to disagree with one thing. I doubt Haslett is going anywhere. As a result, you should get used to what you\'ve seen for the last two and a half seasons from this team. You\'re right, there\'s no hope. Despite the sunshine and flowers that some members of this board are peddling, you should be prepared for 7-9 to 9-7 and NO PLAYOFF appearances as long as Haslett and Co. are at the helm of this team.
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