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BillyC 11-16-2003 04:04 PM

For the Brooks Bashers
I feel it is my duty to point something out to the short-sighted Brooks' bashers.

When Aaron has a good game, you never here nothing out of these guys. When he has a bad game, they can't say enough bad things about him. Now it's gotten to the point to where the Brooks' bashers are calling for his head before the first half is over.

Well, today Brooks had a bad first half for sure. But, Brooks came back and made plays when he had to. He led the Saints back from a 20-3 deficit. I use the term "Short Sighted" only because the term I wanna use might get edited --

Since saintfan hasn't logged on today, I'll say it for him --

It's a damn good thing some of you aren't making these decisions!!

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JOESAM2002 11-16-2003 04:10 PM

For the Brooks Bashers

When Aaron has a good game, you never here nothing out of these guys.
And since B&B isn\'t here yet, I\'ll just say this for him. Shouldn\'t that be hear? :D

whowatches 11-16-2003 04:11 PM

For the Brooks Bashers

He led the Saints back from a 20-3 deficit.
Why were we in that deficit?

BillyC 11-16-2003 04:14 PM

For the Brooks Bashers

Why were we in that deficit?
Brooks F\'d up. Why don\'t we go around the league today and see how many other QB\'s F\'d up and bash all of them too. You guys really humor me. Keep on bashing and I\'ll keep on smilin\' :D

saintfan 11-16-2003 04:16 PM

For the Brooks Bashers
Brooks played horribly is the first half...granted.

However, the game was won on his cannon arm and the legs of Deuce.

I\'ll have more to say tomorrow, but Billy pretty much summed it up accurately I think...

It\'s a damn good thing you people aren\'t in charge.

5-5 with a bullet! ;)

UK_WhoDat 11-16-2003 04:20 PM

For the Brooks Bashers

I want you to be happy. Keep on smiling..

Really I could not give a Castlemain XXXX about what the other team (and their QB\'s) are doing. ALthough I am aware there are good uns and bad uns out there.

Believe it or not - I do want every Saint to do well. Be it AB or Trebucky Jones or ............ Deuce. Because I think Saints I do have an opinion - and I respect your right to have yours - and I come on here to understand yours and everyone elses.

I read, I absorb, I may amend my view.

Well done Saints today. The D especially.

whowatches 11-16-2003 04:28 PM

For the Brooks Bashers
Wait a second, guys. I vividly remember many posters, including myself, giving Brooks his props after the first Atlanta game. I understand why a couple of you are so defensive anytime the qb is mentioned. Many people on the board slam him any chance they get. However, sometimes I think you guys dismiss his erratic play far too quickly. This game was important. Yes, we won, and I am happy; however, Brooks\'s play in this important game bothers me. What bothers me more is that it reminds me of his play at times in the past.


Brooks F\'d up.
Glad to hear you admit that. It makes your analysis seem more genuine when you admit to seeing the same flaws the rest of us do. I\'m not saying to trade or bench him. But I am saying that he may not be worth the money that we are paying him. Notice that I say \'may\' not \'is\' because I do not know. Neither do either of you.


Why don\'t we go around the league today and see how many other QB\'s F\'d up and bash all of them too.
I don\'t really care about the other teams or qbs.


It\'s a damn good thing you people aren\'t in charge.
Sure... none of us are. Do you really think you have more proof that AB will be a successful qb than those of us that are unsure?

seraph33 11-16-2003 05:43 PM

For the Brooks Bashers
Bottom line:

Brooks is just a streaky player. He will never be the franchise QB we all would like him to be. Is he a starter quality . . . yes, but if you ask me I think he will end up having a career similar to Jeff Blake. A good starter if given the proper weapons but not stellar because he is simply not consistent. Don\'t get me wrong Brooks will have his really great games, but he will have equally as many games that make you wanna climb the walls, like today\'s. Now I know some posters feel that he is garbage. Clearly he isn\'t. The guy has a ton of talent. That talent shows up about half of the time (Usually if at the end of a game we win, if at the begining we usually lose). Also there are some posters who think he is just about as good as Brett Favre. They usually post statistics and such which can get a good way to gauge a player but not in this case. For this season Aaron Brooks has played really well about half the time and really bad about half the time. Now some people will say well look he only had one or two bad games and say look at his TD-INT ratio. Trust me it would be much higher if Duece wasn\'t running for 100 yards a game as proven today in the first half. Yes Brooks didn\'t have very good protection for much of the time but those 2 picks were simply aweful and products of him being scared of that blitz. The first one he never even looked to the side he threw. A 3rd year starter should never make that play.

Now I am not bashing Brooks, I am merely stating that he is a hot and cold QB. He will win us some games but the games that he is cold we have to hope that we get production out of Duece that day or we will lose. Should he be traded? Not unless there is a really juicy opportunity. Should the Saints at least keep an eye out for an upgrade . . . definately if there is an opportunity. Brooks will keep us competitve as long as he has weapons like Duece and Horn. Will he take us to the promiseland . . . I don\'t think so but you never know. . . Trent Dilfer won a Superbowl. Still if I were a betting man I would bet that the Saints wouldn\'t get to the Superbowl with Brooks . . . he isn\'t consistent enough.

Now my top 5 draft needs:
1. O-linemen - we have traded all our depth at this position. Time to reload.
2. Linebacker - we just don\'t have that stand out guy we need to lock our Defense
3. Cornerback - whilel they have been playing solid football as of late . . . in a year or two this group will resemble the old man fall out of the Raiders.
4. Runningback - while I do like Kijana Carter . . . God help us if Duece goes down.
5. Quarterback - we need a back-up anyways and could possibly land a stellar one if things fall right.

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