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SaintStoneyMount 10-31-2002 02:49 PM

SAINT D-Fence 4th Highest Penalized Team in NFL
Good post Gatorman. So I\'m not paranoid afterall. I keep saying it\'s due to a lack of respect in the league. You got officials saying to themselves ..\"The Saints?...They can\'t be this good\". Then they\'re dropping flags cause \"something had to have happened\" I hate to harp on a particular play. But the long Run Deuce had againts Atlanta which was called back because the refs claimed Bently held. Ref watches Deuce break away in disbelief, looks back see Bently laid out on his guy.. \"Oh, that\'s how he got free, cause these guys can\'t be that good\" Flag. That\'s just disrespect (IMHO) If that\'s Faulk and the Rams you wouldn\'t see no yellow at all. Your right we got to clean up the mistakes because we don\'t get too many calls in our favor. If we clear up the stupid penalties we are guilty of, the BS penalties which the refs make up in their feeble minds might not hurt us so bad.

JOESAM2002 10-31-2002 07:44 PM

SAINT D-Fence 4th Highest Penalized Team in NFL
Look for this to change after the bye week. Haz is on the war path over the mistakes and penalties. He won\'t allow this to continue if he can help it. I know I wouldn\'t want Haz on my arse, I remember when he played, this guy has a mean streak and i bet he shows it during the next 2 weeks. Another thing you may be right about is the way the refs look at the Saints, I think it might be more than one reason. NOBODY expected the Saints to play this FAST. These guys will blow the doors off of you. This whole team is fast even the linemen. The play SSm is talking about, Bently blew his man completely out and was on top of him.If you looked at the replay he layed him out in a short sweet manner. NO holding, just blasted him. Oh well, here\'s to looking forward to the better days to come and come they will.

SaintStoneyMount 11-01-2002 10:42 AM

SAINT D-Fence 4th Highest Penalized Team in NFL
The offense is getting stronger each game. Our defense has been giving up points all year. We have yet to turn the corner on defense. A lot of it is injuries which has affected our personnel packages. Atlanta pulled a fast one by keeping guys in the huddle and not showing us their hand between downs. When you have certain personnel for certain situations this turns into a big advantage. Hats off to Reeves for capitalizing on this and boo to the referees for not doing their job. Hopefully Haz gets this issue straight by next game. Hopefully the return of some key defensive players to full speed makes this a non issue. This offense can put up big points. I don\'t think we have seen anything yet. I really hope that we have a break out second half on offense. I would like to see what we can do when we get everything going full stride. It\'s kinda scary.

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