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papz 12-27-2010 11:16 PM

Big props to PT23
I know there weren't a lot of big plays for him tonight as the blocking was terrible all night long(what's up with that?)... but if it weren't for him, Brees would have got drilled hard multiple times. He was solid all night long and I'm glad to have him back at full strength for our playoff run.

|Mitch| 12-27-2010 11:18 PM

He was decent on those last 2 drives...

UK_WhoDat 12-27-2010 11:23 PM

I don't really know where he found that stuff for the last 2 drives. And the decent kickoff return as well

darstep 12-28-2010 12:07 AM


Originally Posted by UK_WhoDat (Post 273634)
I don't really know where he found that stuff for the last 2 drives. And the decent kickoff return as well

Those are the kinds of runs that eventually show up when you STICK with the run...COMMIT to the run...DECIDE that you are going to run the ball more than 12 times. Pierre got better the more he touched the ball. I hope Payton noticed that. I hope he realizes that Ivory also gets better into the 3rd and 4th quarters.

RailBoss 12-28-2010 12:07 AM

PT and Ivory would be all-right I had nightmares every time Reggie carried the ball.

darstep 12-28-2010 12:08 AM

I was just holding my breath...

niteadept 12-28-2010 10:44 AM

In order to have a running game, you have to actually run the ball. Apprehension on SP's part or Drew's part to give the ball to PT, I don't know, but give it to him. Drew is awesome, don't expect him to win every game with just passing. That showed in Baltimore. Trust PT, he finds the holes and can only get better. 3rd and 4th quarter, yes, PT and Ivory get better. They see the holes emerging and begin to take advantage and PT probably could have done more had he not been doing someone else's job and blocking for Brees all night. Even Bush had some pretty solid blocks. Bush will find a way to get back in form. It is coming.

lumm0x 12-28-2010 10:58 AM

Pierre was perfect last night. He is our best all around back. His blitz pickups were great, he was safe on kick returns, he ran hard and held on to the ball, even along with taking a rocking shot. I fully agree, he gets better with each touch. We need to go back to our balanced attack from last year. Getting Ivory back healthy will help and the more he can learn the pass protections the more we can be become unpredictable with him in the lineup.

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